Why You Begin at the End When Creating an Email

Knowing what you want to accomplish before you begin your e-mail will save you time and effort.  If your e-mail message is intended to persuade your audience to buy something, have you identified why they would want to buy it? 

Have you identified a problem?  Have you recreated it vividly in language and tone your audience can identify with?  “Like most adoptive pet owners, are you struggling with the cost of veterinary bills for things you know you should do for your pet, like getting them an identity chip, vaccinations, flea and tick protection, etc?  Are you afraid that if you fail to take immediate action your pet…and perhaps even members of your family…could be subject to disease…or you could lose your pet permanently?” 

Have you identified why the problem hasn’t been solved?  “Are you, like many people in today’s economy, barely able to keep up with your family’s doctor bills, let alone veterinary bills, and you just don’t see where all that extra money for veterinary bills might come from?”

What can they do? “Now, it’s possible to get a new pet wellness insurance plan that will cover ordinary vaccinations, identification chips, spay and neuter programs…and more…for farless than you would ordinarily pay your veterinarian for one visit…or for other insurance programs.”

Why is this so different and why should it appeal to them? “This is a new national pet insurance program created by a team of veterinarians and other animal specialists who want to make sure that every pet has an opportunity to live a long, healthy life, without putting an undue financial burden on their owners.”

And, of course, what do they need to do to move forward with this?  “(underlined link) Your coupon for a 20% discount, good for 10 days only, is my way of sharing your commitment to your pets, while making it affordable for you to get the kind of care for your animals that they’re entitled to, at a price you can’t afford to ignore.  Act immediately to make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity.” 

When you begin at the end, by knowing what your objective is…in this case…to persuade the reader to buy pet insurance immediately, you can frame your message to meet their needs.  Keep in mind, they’re currently tuned to their favorite station, WIFM (What’s In it For Me), so you need to play a tune that resonates with them, and provides them a good reason to choose “your song.”

Do several variations of your e-mail message, particularly the subject line.  “This is the pet insurance your veterinarians don’t want you to know about“…or “Are you paralyzed by the prices your veterinarian charges?  No more…” or “Are you worried about your pet’s health?  Act on my advice.” 

 Then, test your variations to see which ones are most successful…which subject lines get your e-mails opened, and which ones result in sales.

Then, of course, once you’ve got a winner, and you know you’re meeting your customer’s needs, keep adjusting.  Keep looking for their changing, and increasing wants and needs.  Keep determining how you can help.

After all, that’s what we’re here for isn’t it?  To help?  To make this a better, happier place to live?

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