Why Don’t You Just Quit?

You have a job.  It’s not a great job.  Well, let’s get honest…it’s boring, tiring, tedious…and your boss is in your face all the time.  So why not bag it right now, and go look for the job of your dreams?

Well, maybe because you’re not stupid.  Or foolhardy.  Or just plain nuts.  Now I’m not saying you should stay in a job if you’re being abused…physically or verbally.  What I am saying is there may be another way to look at where you are.

  1. What are you doing to meet the obligations you signed up for when you took the job?  Are you doing your best?  Do you show up for work every day?  Are you late, or do you leave early?  If so, you’re not likely to do better elsewhere, so the first thing you can do is to look at your habits, and…if you really want a better position, choose to change them.  Create the habits that will make you a better candidate for your next job…that one you really want.  Start where you are. Start now.
  2. Are there fun things about your job that you haven’t noticed? Is it located in a beautiful part of town?  When you go to lunch or on break, can you easily find an enjoyable place to sit and look out the window, or even to be outdoors in good weather?   Do you work with some really nice people?  Do you have good tools to work with?  Is it a safe, comfortable environment (albeit boring)?  Whatever of those things may be true, make a note of them, and be grateful for them.  That doesn’t mean you may not want to make changes, and find a job that more closely aligns with your interests or values, but it will help you to recognize that there is good everywhere, including the job you currently have.  This will help make staying until you find the “right job” more tolerable, easier to relax into and to enjoy.
  3. What else can you do to make a greater contribution to the bottom line of the company you’re working for?  Take a serious look around.  Can you get more done in the hours you work?  If you can, do it.  Can you see ways to do the job better, faster, easier?  If so, put together a proposal and present it, in a positive way.  Even if it’s not accepted, you can, and will, take pride in knowing you’ve done your best.  And, it may result not only in recognition, but in promotion…possibly to a job you’ll love.

Now, if you’ve done all you can do, and you’re still ready to move on, you will be much more prepared.   While you’re still employed, start looking for other opportunities.   If you want to be an entrepreneur, now may be the best time ever to start a new business.  Contrary to what you may hear from the fear mongers, it is the entrepreneur, the inventor, the person with the right solution for the problem there at the right time, that moves the human race forward.  The challenge most large organizations face, especially in difficult economic times, is the lack of flexibility.  They carry the weight of the past; good decisions and bad.  These decisions, good and bad, have created a solid, often totally inflexible stance, and attitude in senior management and in the boardroom,  that “change will create chaos”, and as a result, change is to  be avoided at all costs.  This belief  causes large organizations to do nothing.  Or…in some circumstances, it causes an organizational belief that doing something will be more painful than doing nothing.  Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, don’t carry that baggage, and are therefore free to be totally flexible, to look for, find and solve the problems (do something) that are out there that no one else is looking for, finding or solving.

If you’re already doing all of the three things that we’ve just discussed, but still want to jump ship without knowing if you’re jumping into shark-invested waters, then maybe it’s time to dig a little deeper.  Emotional Freedom Techniques, (EFT) can help you do that.  One of the primary reasons I decided to become an Executive Coach and Mentor,  incorporating  EFT into my practice, was because I could see the ways in which it could help individuals discover what they wanted from life, and how they could achieve it.  Helping others achieve success is a strong motivator for me, because I’ve had the good fortune of having some great mentors.  I’ve had some experiences that many might describe as extreme hardships, and while I will acknowledge life hasn’t always been easy, I have also learned that I can drive the bus.  EFT, along with some great mentors and coaches, helped me learn that.

So, before you quit your boring, routine, unsatisfying  job that really isn’t “you,” find some tools that help you discover what you really want from life, and how you can easily and effortlessly, create the path that will get you from where you are to where you want to be.  The path itself may be risky; fraught with unexpected rocky crags and bogs, but if you know where you’re going, and why you want to get there, you’ll not only be willing to start the journey, you will get a great deal of enjoyment from it.

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