Who Will You Follow?

Hero or heroine? Who are yours? What are the characteristics that define who we look up to and choose to emulate…in business and in life?

I am fortunate. When I first started my company, and began looking for a true marketing guru whose skill set was exceptional, and from whom I knew I could gain the expertise to become not just a good, but a great, copywriter, I found one.

In my journey to find someone who not only had the knowledge I sought, but the ability to teach it well, I discovered how important it is to choose who you follow carefully.  The characteristics of who I want to emulate as I do business include:

  • a totally ethical person or company.  When it comes to customer relationships, there is nothing more important than building a strong bond of trust.
  • a likeable person or company persona.  Who wants to work with someone who is unpleasant, demeaning, or obviously is more interested in your money than in your success?
  • a business person.  Time is an important tool in business.  Therefore, it’s important to work with someone who respects both their time and yours.

My guru, although he professes not to be one, is Ray Edwards, of Ray Edwards International Inc. His website is http:// rayedwards.com.  Ray is a copywriter for the internet marketing stars…the who’s who of internet marketing success.

Writing advertising copy isn’t hard work…when you’re willing to do the work and have someone to work with who is more interested in your success than in taking your money. This is where Ray excels. Ray knows, and teaches, the basics of building an ethical business practice. He shares all of his knowledge selflessly. Offering a follow-the-dots design, with good, practical training tools, including twice-monthly webinars, and exceptional workshops gives participants every opportunity to succeed.

And, of course, for a fee, he’ll do all the work for you.   My impression of Ray, however, is that he prefer to teach you and then watch you succeed.  He’s a great teacher, and it’s obvious he enjoys it.  I like that about him.

I know of no one, or no business, where being the best at what you do is not important in achieving success.  To reach the pinnacle of your success…and beyond…means you’re always looking for those who are even more successful than you to emulate and to follow.

That doesn’t mean you do everything they do.  Your original ideas, your unique position in the marketplace, your value-added proposition for your clients and prospects will always set you apart from your competition.

However, there are so many companies and individuals from whom you can gain knowledge and expertise, why waste time starting from scratch? Learn from those you choose to follow, and then find your own unique selling proposition.

Everyone has some knowledge, skill, or product that is different in some way.  And there is a market for that difference.  Whoever you choose to follow, take advantage of what they have to offer, incorporate it into your own style, and share with them your success.

Whether who you follow partners with you on Twitter, or anywhere else in business or community, when those you emulate help create your success, they’ll most likely follow you back.  After all, everyone loves sharing a success story.

No, I’m not picking up an affiliate fee or anything other kind of a fee for touting Ray’s skill set on my blog.  It’s just my way of saying “Thank you” for a teaching job well done.


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