What’s the Problem?

Today’s economic news is a teeter-totter. 

 One day the stock market takes a giant step up.    The next….it takes a big trip…down into the basement.

What’s the problem?  Is it the media?  Is it the investors?  Or… is it  the way we think…both individually and collectively?

I ran into a good friend of mine a few days ago at the coffee shop.  He’s always got a smile on his face, and a cheerful word for everyone he meets. He’s been a successful investor in the stock market for a very long time and he’s always willing to share his investment tips and a few market stories. 

We chatted for awhile, and I know I was looking a little glum. I told him I was really worried about what was going on in the economy. 

I told him I didn’t know who, including me, would continue to survive, let alone prosper,  in these hard economic times, and that I was seriously worried about what lay ahead.  In fact, I told him, it’s beginning to affect my ability to write…my ability to really help my clients decide what might put them in the driver’s seat, ahead of their competitors.

You want to know what he told me?  He said:  

Right now… the one thing between you and imminent disaster…is your belief system.  It really is true that you are what you think. 

What you have isn’t  writer’s block.  It’s thinker’s block.  

Like investors, you’re barraged by media, family, and friends telling you the sky is falling. You’re beginning to think …and believe…that there is no more abundance.  You’re beginning to think that prospective buyers no longer exist.  Or,  if they do exist, they’re hoarding whatever they have, and they’re not willing to share it with you…or your client…regardless of how much better off the prospect would be.  Is that about right?”

I had to admit… he nailed it.  Watching the stock market turmoil, the world turmoil, the health care turmoil, along with the weather disasters…all playing continually on my television…was turning me into a worry wart!

He continued:

“To unlock the door to the room of fear, where you’re currently sitting, you’re going to need to delouse your thinking.  I want you to do the following 5 things right NOW:

  • Turn off your television.
  • Get a piece of paper and write down 5 things you’re grateful for.
  • Now write down 5 actions you can take to show your gratitude.
  • TAKE those actions…now.
  • When you’re done, think about how that made you feel.
  • I’m confident that if you do this every day, discovering and sharing your gratitude will make you feel differently…better…happier. One of the things you should be grateful for, although it may not be on your list, is that you have a gift…the ability to write. You have the ability to help others feel better within minutes. You convey with words the feelings of joy, pleasure, and genuine happiness that is attainable…for everyone.

    Now, you have a responsibility to use that gift. We all have gifts, and when we focus on what we can do with those gifts to help others, whether it’s to provide products or services to improve the lives of others, or the gift of a helping hand, we have a great deal to offer.

    You have a great deal to offer. It’s time to unlock your thinking, move it from the Room of Fear, back into the House of Abundance.”

    I have to tell you, that blew me away. It sounded kind of “New Agey” for a guy his age, and certainly nothing I would have expected to hear from him.

    Then…I thought about his smile, and the fact that I can’t remember seeing him without it. And, I don’t recall ever seeing him really upset. He’s always just gone about his business calmly and efficiently. He’s always expressed his confidence in mankind, and our ability to find the right path, whether in the stock market or in lending a helping hand to someone in need.

    Then, I thought about how lucky I was to have a friend like him, and how grateful I was. So I told him so. I said, “Thank you! I’m going back to work on a couple of client projects now…remembering where we all live…in the House of Abundance…with gifts to share. And…please…the coffee’s on me.”

    Today, if you’re thinking success seems off-limits for you, initiate the gratitude plan my serene friend shared, and remember…we all live in the House of Abundance…and we truly are what we think.

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