What’s Love Got to Do With Email Marketing?

What’s love got to do with email marketing?  Well…just about everything. 

Love your product.  Love your subscribers.   Love  what you can offer them, and what they can offer you in return.

Here are the things I love best about email marketing:

  1. You can serve.  This is an area where everyone lives.  With mobile access, your subscribers can get your emails wherever they’re at, and can stay up to date with the latest, coolest, most exciting stuff you’ve just discovered.
  2. You can create.  Just thinking about all the neat stuff you have to share should get your juices flowing.  Then, picking font type and size, choosing the colors, just the right graphics and photos, and making videos, and designing the layout…  OK, yes, I could go on and on.  Creating is so totally fun.
  3. You can persuade.  There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting someone else as excited as you are about something.  You can use your energy, and words that have meaning for your subscribers.  Words that articulate exactly what they’re feeling…saying it even better than they can say it.  Words that make them jump into action.
  4. You can empathize.  Everyone likes to know they’re not alone…especially when they’re in a tight spot.  When they’re hurting, have a specific problem they don’t know how to solve, or their budget is shot, it’s good to know there’s someone there with them.  When you’ve been there, you truly can feel their pain, and you know the words that tell someone you’re sharing their feelings.  And…maybe…just maybe…you have a solution they could consider.
  5. You can be a rescuer.  Now how awesome is that?  To know that you might have exactly what your subscriber needs to pull them out of whatever tight corner they’re in.   “Super Value Provider“…your new title…ta..da..ta..daaaa.
  6. You can be rescued.  There’s nothing like a little love in return.  When your email subscribers take action, help you out with a purchase, or share your information, you know your email efforts are worth all the time, energy, and love you’re putting into them.
  7. You can choose.  So can your subscribers.  You can…and should…choose your niche with care.  Do something you truly want to do.  Do it with mindfulness, awareness, and love.  Inspiration is catching…your subscribers can catch it.  And, they can share…pass that love around.

Love is about seeing the world from the other person’s perspective.  So is email marketing.  Creating for someone else, finding what pleases them, helps them, and gives them something they can’t get anywhere else…that’s email marketing…with love. 

So…”what’s love got to do with it…do with it…”   Oh, there I go again.  Just can’t get that tune out of my head.

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