What if…Your Social Media Hit a Ball OUT of the Park

Social media…here to stay? All the indicators say “Yes.” It may change form as it is now, moving from desktop computer to laptop to mobile, and brand names may change. What won’t change, however, is the need to communicate effectively.

Are you…like everyone else…no…make that a select few…really choosing to solidly connect with your prospects or clients?  Are you someone who wants to provide over the top products or service and build a relationship that lasts?

Let’s assume you already know your services or products are exceptional…but you don’t know how to connect with people who could truly benefit.  You have a website, but it’s not drawing in the people you want.  Think seriously about social media.  Sure, you can tweak your website, and that may be something you need to take a look at.  Especially if you’re an on-line business, your website is your brand.    But places like Facebook, Twitter, and other similar places where people come to socialize,  and where participation in the conversation is easily two-sided,  is a very cost-efficient way to get others to help you spread your brand.  This draws people to your website, and your business.

There are a few caveats, however.  A lot of businesses of all sizes are beginning to realize the importance of social media.  Many of them, though, fail to grasp that social media is not about “advertising.”  It’s about connecting.  Make it easy, conversational…fun.   Putting out constant tweets that say only “Come visit me at my website, or my store” isn’t enough.  People like being part of a community.  They like being able to contribute to the community in some way.   Social media can be powerful, both with its benefit and its backlash.  Your community members can help you build your brand; they can provide positive feedback as well as negative feedback.  When your social media is a business marketing strategy…what you do will be echoed in what the members say…good or bad.

So…what kinds of social media communication connect?  What characteristics attract the audience you seek?  Well, what about:

  • kindness…no hard sell, no attitude, just a dose of good old-fashioned kindness.  Something like “Because I have walked a mile in your shoes, I can truly empathize. And I’d like to walk the next mile with you. “
  • honesty…say it like it is.  Good news or bad news, no hype.  No matter how many changes have occurred in the world, or maybe cause of the changes that have occurred, a straight-forward, no holds barred approach is appreciated and honored.
  • humor…laughter is good for the heart, soul, mind and body.  Laugh at yourself, laugh with others, laugh at human foibles (without demeaning human nature) and let your social media convey your joy of what you do.
  • gratitude…there is so much to be grateful for.  Don’t pass the buck, don’t play the blame game.  Be grateful for everything…the good and the bad…and the lessons they bring.  Most especially, be grateful for what your audience brings to you…the opportunity to bring them a better life.

Right about now you may be thinking that’s just plain common sense.  And…yes, it is.  However, these common courtesies, and connections, have become all too uncommon.

You have the opportunity to hit that home run you always dreamed about; to build connections that last for life. When your  social media messages carry your brand and build your community, you can connect you with real people looking for real businesses…run by people with a passion to serve.

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