What Are Your Email Marketing Desserts?

Think of all the truly fine dining experiences you’ve had.  Whether the experience occurred in Chicago’s Epic on River North, the panoramic view from the Nana Restaurant in Dallas, or the marina and skyline view from the Palisades in Seattle…all are sensual food and dining experiences culminated with dessert. 

I admit it.  Dessert is my favorite part of the meal…even though I seldom indulge.  It has become a treat so rare that it is enjoyed even more.

Dessert…what’s on your menu for email marketing?   Let’s take a look at your menu…

  • The appetizer.  Are you offering a delightful morsel…a “Ten Tips for Having Tons of Fun at the Family Picnic”… no charge, of course.
  • The salad.  This is the portion of your menu that offers the lighter meal, the smaller, lighter pieces of your product or service that are more affordable, and more easily digestible.  “For only $9.99 you can receive my Aunt Millie’s 100 favorite picnic salad recipes you can make in 15 minutes or less.”
  • The entree.  A value-packed meal filled with benefits and features that will leave even the hungriest, or most critical diner full and satisfied. “5-star Restaurant Secrets for Take-Out Entrees You Can Create in 30 Minutes…or Less, priced at a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere.”   And then…
  • The dessert.  Ah…the crowning touch of the meal…and most often forgotten.  “Secrets of the Attic:  Aunt Sarah’s Apple Pie and Other Favorite Picnic Desserts”…yours as a “thank you” gift…

What rewards do you offer for…having made a big purchase…for completing a program they took through your company…for allowing you to provide a product or service they found completely satisfying?

Create anticipation…”Every purchase of the “Main Entree” at Uncle Bob’s Diner includes a surprise dessert…something our famous chef has created just for this meal.   If you thought the meal was the best you’ve ever experienced…wait…until you’ve tasted dessert.  You don’t have to take my word for it…read the testimonials of those who’ve crossed the threshold ahead of you.  Their reviews include phrases like..”beyond decedent, better than sex, and so rich and delicious I thought I would melt right into it.”

Always remember…the meal’s not over until…the dessert is offered.  And for those who are completely sated at the end of the entree, with the offer of dessert you might consider…”Save this dessert coupon for the next time you’re in.”  Or…”Since you’re not able to partake of the dessert, would you like a 5% off your next purchase coupon?”

This may sound like it’s all about food, but the premise can be applied to whatever your product or service is.  You’re creating an experience…whether it’s a fine dining experience, or the experience of wearing a custom-made leather jacket, or buying your most sophisticated software program to make their email marketing campaign be more profitable. 

Like a fine meal, the experience you create should be one that is satisfying at all levels, and have a finishing touch that leaves the recipient smiling and happy.  Ready to come back again soon…with friends.


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