Use Your Measurements in Email Marketing

Albert Einstein said “Not everything that counts can be measured.  Not everything that can be measured counts.” 

So…let’s see.  I don’t think what this means is…”Don’t measure…don’t count.”    Perhaps…it’s more like…”It’s all relative…so keep it all in perspective.” 

In email marketing,  you have some really cool tools in web analytics…that measure.  So…what should you measure…that counts? 

Well…what about profit?  Profit counts?  Right?

There is a web analytics tool that does what’s called “clickstream tracking.”  What is measures is what content,  graphic or image, triggers an action of some sort when a prospect opens an email and clicks to the landing page.  You can now also track real time responses…the time between when an email is opened, and the prospect goes to the site, but doesn’t make a purchase.  This, then, can be set to send another, more targeted or more personal email to provide more information or greater incentive, and has been extremely successful.

A good analytics tool can also help you understand the search patterns, banner advertisements and other media that may be influencing your prospect. 

Having this knowledge can be tremendously influential in designing email marketing messages. 

Why?  Because all of them help you determine what your prospect wants, needs, and desires…and how to make sure it gets to the right place, at the right time, and delivers the value at a price they’re willing to pay.

The idea is to understand what works for your brand.  Email metrics is rapidly gaining a seat at the board room table as businesses seek to satisfy customer wants, needs, and desires.  And, in this economy… to increase profits and decrease marketing expenses at the same time.

Email marketing can…and is…doing all of those things.

Focus on tracking, testing, and analytics.   Measure all of the components that result in conversion…after all, conversions are your real measurement of ROI

Try…and track…different ideas and page layouts.  Headlines are critical, as they are often the door that has to be opened for the prospect to come in.  Test everything.

Use a solid, well-proven marketing service for email deliverability, with web analytics that can be set to your own paramenters. 

Be not only spam compliant, but spam aware.  In other words, make sure your email messages are not getting filtered by ISP’s, sent to your recipient’s junk mail, or reported as spam.  In today’s market, your emails are a big piece of your brand.  One email reported as spam could get you blacklisted, and ruin years of brand development.  Test, and then test more to ensure your emails are constantly reviewed for spam compliance and filtering.

Find a good software package and/or service,  use it with customer input and feedback.   Measure what counts, and you can count your profits.

We began with Einstein’s perspective, so let’s put this back into perspective.  You’re in business to make a profit, while meeting customer needs, wants and desires.  When your passion is to balance the two, you can be “relatively certain” the equation is right. 



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