Tying Email Marketing to Social Media

You have a niche.  You have a website.  You have promotion and newsletter subscribers.

You want more…

More subscribers equals more potential customers.  How can you get them?

More and more email marketers are adding social media.  StrongMail advertises that their program “enables marketers to extend the reach of their existing email and online marketing campaigns into Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blogs and other social channels.”  Silverpop says it’s “Engage platform empowers companies to create and manage multi-channel marketing campaigns.”   A quick look at many marketing sites will show you social media is definitely viewed as a marketing tool not to be overlooked.

What many companies…and online entreprenuers…are discovering is that there is a secret to engaging in social media.  The secret is…you must be able to align your message with the mindset of consumers who are engaging in social networking in order to build a following.

Really, it’s not that different across the board.  If you think about it, today’s marketing is all about aligning your message with the mindset of your target market. 

The only difference is the delivery.

Social media can complement email marketing very well…if you can hold a conversation.  In email marketing, you’re holding short conversations.  In social media, you’re holding shorter conversations.

In email marketing, your subscribers have given you permission to to provide them information.  They had to opt in to receive your emails, so you know they already know something about you.  When you send an email, you’re not telling them your life story…usually…but you are giving them information.  Significantly more information than you can provide on most social media sites.

You can tie the two together, however.  Social media provides variety…another way for your target market to find you.  If done right, social media can acquaint you with a large group of people who are interested in the same things you are.

Let’s say, for example, that you start a Twitter page with a bio that states “Dave’s Bicycle Shop.”  You set parameters to let you know about anyone on Twitter who is interested in tweets on bikes, bicycles and cycling, and you find some people to follow.   

Your website is DavesBikes.com, and all you ever tweet is “Buy your bike at Dave’s. Good price. Good service. ”  This technique  may not capture a lot of people who follow you, or follow you back, and you may not get a lot of people who click on your website link and opt into your subscription list.

However, if your bio states “Bicycle Nut, former racer, now bike shop owner, build custom bikes & find treasures,” or something genuinely interesting, you’ll tweak interested parties.

Add to it by tweeting regularly…things like upcoming races in various areas, crazy facts about people and their bicycle, with links to your website, newsletters and promotions about bicycles of all kinds and the people who use them for fun, or  race them.  Which…of course…they’ll receive when the opt in.  Now, you’ve engaged in a conversation…you’ve aligned your message. 

Make sure your opt-in links are extremely visible when you’re asking people to move from your social media site to your webpage.   Add to your credibility by engaging in discussion groups through Facebook, and tracking and responding to any comments about your company on Twitter.

You can set yourself up as an expert, and become a resource through social media, add an arm to your marketing strategy…all with just a few words…carefully stated.

First thing you know…you’ll be all tied up…keeping up with sales after tying social media to email marketing.


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