Three Ideas to Improve YOUR Economic Future

I find it easy to look around, blame the economy, and everyone’s fear of what’s happening in the world for my own failure to do the things I need to do to in order to improve my own earnings potential.  So this post is written to remind me, as much as you,  that the only one who can change my future is ME…and YOU!

I want to propose that there are a few simple things that can turn all this around…and if you and I can turn our economy around…who knows?  Maybe the idea will catch fire and ignite a global recovery!

  1. STOP reading the news…the same old way.   There is more than enough violence, destruction, desperation, suffering and pain to go around.  Most of the bad news won’t be affected by how I view it.  But if I focus on it, and make it my global perspective, my world becomes a pretty scary place.  This then becomes my excuse, my reason to avoid doing what I need for my business and myself.  My sense of helplessness then filters out to everyone around me, like a snowball rolling downhill.   I can, however…and so can you…find one or two nuggets to focus on from the news…the puppy that got rescued from the drain pipe or the frantic mother reunited with her baby whom a total stranger rescued from a would-be kidnapper.  When I focus on the inherent goodness of the majority of acts and actions, rather than the much less frequent acts and actions of destructiveness and despair that make the headlines, it changes everything.  My desire to work, my willingness to help others, my choice to persevere and make a difference are all affected by what I choose to focus on. So, idea #1 is to acknowledge what’s going on in the world,  focus on what’s good in the world, and all around us.
  2. Practice what you preach.  No matter how many times this gets said, it’s probably not enough.  It’s easy to get upset when someone doesn’t deliver on a promise they’ve made, but how often do you do the same?   My major challenge is procrastination.  Sometimes I really believe I love putting things off…because I love the adrenaline rush of a deadline.  And, I have certainly discovered, I’m not alone with this challenge.  Is it right for me to provide business clients the advise of not procrastinating if it’s something I do myself?  No!  So I work on it every day, and I’m getting better all the time.
  3. Think, Work, Play.  This is how I like to organize my day, and how I recommend you consider organizing yours.  Start your day putting your mind in a happy, peaceful place.  Whether you spend 5 minutes or an hour doing this, it will be the best gift you ever give yourself.  Then, think about what 3 things  you REALLY need to get done today.   Think about the best, most efficient use of your time in order to get them done.  Of the things you need to accomplish today, think of one that best serves you and put it first.  Then, (right after breakfast), get started.  Focus solely on each of your 3 major items, one at a time, until they’re finished.   Take regular breaks to stretch, move, and get nourishment, but stay focused on only one item at a time.  Then, when you’re done…go PLAY.

At first, this sounds hard, and it is, because there’s always so much more that you could do, and so many of us have bought into the myth of multi-tasking, ending up  adding hours or days to completion of any of our projects. And if you really want to add another project when you’ve finished your 3 major tasks, you always can.  But give yourself a play break first, and remind yourself that part of improving your economic future is creating an economy where all of you is valued and appreciated…including your fun-loving childish self!

Improve your economic future by believing in yourself, work to fulfill your passion that it might improve the lives of others, secure in the knowledge that one candle can light the way for many to follow.


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