The Secret to a Well-Executed Email Campaign

There must be no stinting in generosity to people.  If you feed them repeatedly, they will follow you with affection.”  Six Strategies, from the Ways of Warriors, Codes of Kings; Lessons in Leadership from the Chinese Classics translated by Thomas Cleary.

The secret to a well-executed e-mail campaign closely aligns.

When preparing to launch an e-mail campaign, there are several things you and your team can brainstorm to make sure your launch is successful.  Questions to have answered before you’re off the launchpad:

  • What will we offer…feed…our e-mail recipients that is of value to them?
  • Why would someone want to get our e-mail…have dinner with us on a regular basis?
  • How will we make sure they don’t opt out…that we maintain their loyalty and affection?  What’s for dessert?
  • What are our e-mail marketing goals?  Are they clearly defined and do they tie in with our company objectives? 
  • Can we execute as we say when we say?  Do we have the right resources and are they in place now?

It’s easy to get off track in a planning session and focus on product rather than delivery.  Focus, throughout the planning process, on how you can best describe, and deliver, whatever it is that will allow your customers and prospective customers to gain pleasure and avoid pain.

Marketing is far more art than science.  E-mail marketing is the art of social interaction “at an arm’s length.”  The person you are talking to is not standing face-to-face with you.  You can’t read their expression or see their body language to tell how your message is perceived. 

You can, however, do as much research about the likes and dislikes of your e-mail recipient as possible.  You can do market segmenting if you have more than one product or service so that when you send e-mails, you sort by relevancy for that particular person or group.

As you’re planning your e-mail strategy for the year…think about it like a good diet plan.  You want to make sure everyone is well-fed, gets food choices that they like; that is well-suited to their needs and desires, and that they don’t have so much put in front of them they’re overwhelmed. 

Short copy has been proven more effective in nearly every instance of e-mail marketing.  E-mail is designed for snacking, with links and other tools to add availability for “the full meal deal.” 

Creating short, strong, compelling subject lines that intrigue, promise, arouse curiosity, and appeal to the emotions will draw attention, and set you apart.  Then, you want to quickly set the dinner table in the e-mail content.  Keep it focused and concise; interesting and on target to achieve your goals.   Make sure the content matches the subject line, and that the layout makes it easy for the recipient to take action. 

Make sure your call to action is clear.  If you have more than one link, is your call to action primarily and clearly pointed to the specific item or items you are marketing in this e-mail?  Every time you do a campaign, make sure to test not only whether there is a click-through, but which links get the click-through.  This will allow you to make course corrections at the next launch, and put more direct focus where you are aiming.

For every campaign, do an immediate success assessment.  What worked?  What didn’t?  Review, strip and clear away any aspects that took away from the focus of the overall campaign.  Review what did and if it’s still fresh, use it in the next campaign.  If it’s not, start over.

Be generous in all that you offer.  Feed well and often…and skip the fat.  If you do, you will have loyal customers following you with affection.


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