The Rewards of Email Marketing

If you like instant gratification (who doesn’t?), you’ll love the rush you get from having orders generated within minutes of sending out an email blast.

If you’re the campaign manager for a Senate candidate,  you can reach hundreds of thousands of people…who’ve provided their emails…in seconds.

The power…the privilege…the passion…to communicate instantly.  Yes, it’s a rush. 

What else about email marketing is exceedingly beneficial?  Well, what about…no stamps, no postage meters, no paper, no ink, no runs to the post office…no distribution problems!

On top of that, you will know when it arrives whether the recipient opened the email, read it and clicked on any of the links

Since emails are nearly instantaneous from sender to recipient, you can ensure your emails are timely and relevant

You can segment or target your subscribers however you want…by geographical area, gender, interests, previous purchases, or whatever way makes the most sense to your business.

You can send variations of the same email to different people and different groups without increasing your printing and distribution costs.  You can easily track your results and determine which variation was most successful.

You can…or your marketing software or service can…remove bad email addresses immediately, remove people who request to be taken off your subscriber list and always keep your list up to date…easily and effortlessly.

Email marketing is an invaluable, cost-effective marketing tool that, when implemented correctly, can…and will…increase revenue.

OK, it wouldn’t be fair not to mention a few things not to love about email marketing.  There is…the possibility of being blacklisted…even unfairly.  This happens when spam filters give your messages too much points.  This happens when your email recipients report you to their ISP as a spammer.  And, yes, this can happen even if someone has given you permission to send them emails…if they find or perceive that the content of the email(s) you sent doesn’t match what they signed up to receive.

Even if you’re not blacklisted, there are still a certain percentage of emails that don’t get through all of the filters, or some of the emails aren’t coded in a manner that allows them to be opened and read.

Then, of course, there are prospects who give you a bad email address and your message gets bounced.  Not that big of a deal unless you get into the sights of a hacker who targets you for an email attack by providing lots of false email addresses.

So, yes, there are a few deterrents. 

Not enough though, to overshadow the rewards of a good email marketing campaign…that exhilarating feeling of success when your message hits the email box of every one of your subscribers and gets the response you want. 

There…is…nothing…like it.  So email yourself a big package of success.  Start today.


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