The Ragdoll Perspective — Balcony View: Friday Follies

It’s time again for Friday Follies. That day that I acknowledge others’ cleverness and wisdom on Twitter Friday Follows, and acknowledge my own foolishness and foibles on Friday Follies. Fun this Friday…with one of my favorite topics!

Notoriously limp and lovable, Ragdolls are exactly that…rag (deliciously soft, well-worn comfortable) and… well…dolls!

The Ragdolls that live here, however, and for whom my husband and I are “Staffers” are much more convinced, I am certain, that they are Royalty, rather than Dolls. Ragdoll Royalty if you Please.

And believe me, we do aim to please. The Ragdoll Prance…at 3 AM, 6 AM, 9 AM, Noon, 3 PM, 6 PM and 9 PM. And…whenever in between we are summoned!

Princess and Hope…who volunteered to help me write today’s article…thought you might like to hear the Ragdoll Royalty perspective on Staffing.

“We started at 3 AM this morning. It’s our usual time to start the day rolling. First thing in our job description is to make sure Mom (Staffer #1) gets up to use the restroom. Most of the time, her bladder gives us a hand. She loves that last bedtime cup of tea…that she really should skip!
But… occasionally, she forgets, and sleeps past 3 AM. That means one…or both of us…will need to walk across her head several times, and meow. We start soft…and if that’s not working, we “amp up.” If necessary, we stick our noses under the blanket and then crawl to her feet to nibble a toe gently…or not. If that’s not working, we’re not above flopping directly on her face, or chewing on her hair. Jumping up and down from the bed, talking loudly, chasing each other…doing what it takes.

Whatever it takes, we’re pretty darn good at getting that 3 AM Ragdoll Prance started. After all, this is when we get our first bellyrub of the day, and it’s important how we start our day. We’re generally not really interested in eating this early, just want to make sure Mom gives us that first bellyrub of assurance that all is Right in Ragdoll Kingdom.

Then, we’re generally OK until 6’ish, and have been known to leave our Staffers alone until as late as 6:30 AM. After that, though, Staffers are expected to be up and ready to start the day’s duties.

First thing, of course, is our “treat.” I (that would be me…the Princess) will only drink the juice from the cat food packet. I won’t eat the food from the packet. Much too ordinary, boring and mundane for a Royal Ragdoll. And, thank you very much, I want it mixed with just a touch of fresh Norwegian fish cod liver oil. Perfect seasoning for the Royal Ragdoll.

Hope, my younger sister, has (in my superior opinion) more “pedestrian” tastes, settling for a particular oceanfish canned variety in gravy for her treat. To her credit, though, she has discriminated several times quite thoroughly in turning down cheaper cat food pates clearly not suitable for the Ragdoll Royalty.

Now, once treats are out of the way, if both Staffers are home and available, they are called upon throughout the day…to play…to visit…to ensure our special dry food dishes and water dishes are always full. And, of course, to run to the herb garden around dinnertime and clip a bit a fresh catnip for us to sniff, fondle and toss into the air. On occasion, we even allow our Staffers to get a glimpse of our “Inner Wild Cat” after a bit o’the Nip. After breaking several items that were apparently Staffer Treasures in a “CatNip Free-for-All Frenzy” several months ago, though, they seem not as interested in exploring more of our “Inner Wild Cat.” I don’t understand…sometimes Staffers can be hard to figure out!

In between cat naps, we check the toys throughout the house, and move them about, drop them at a Staffer’s feet if it’s time to play, and we make sure one of the Staffers checks our restroom facilities regularly. Cleanliness is Critical! They need to understand that.

By and large, our Staffers are fairly well suited for Ragdoll Royalty. Since Staffer #1 is home-officed as a Writer and Value Creator, we have “nearly-instant” staff. And Staffer #2 is obviously so smitten with our sweetness, playfulness, and totally endearing manner to him, we have simply to arch a tail, or plop down, or roll over in front of him to have his full and undivided attention. (… this….dubious Readers…was NOT even someone who particularly liked “cats” before we came along).

All in all, we believe we chose well.

And we let the Staffers believe…occasionally…that they are in charge. As long as they continue to meet all of the Ragdoll Royalty requirements, I don’t think there’s any harm in a little innocent self-delusion, do you?

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