The Megawatt Value of Email Marketing

I was at a meeting the other day, and several people were complaining about the overload factor of email.  They were complaining about how many emails they get every day that they simply delete.  Interestingly, they all acknowledged that these were email messages from people or companies they had given permission to send them email.

What’s more amazing…they had no plan to unsubscribe, even though they delete the vast majority of emails they get from numerous people and organizations.

This really made me stop and think.  Why…don’t subscribers unsubscribe if they don’t want to receive emails from you any longer?

After some discussion, I finally determined the answer.  They don’t unsubscribe becausethey’re afraid they might miss the one thing they signed up for…that they haven’t received yet.  In other words, even though you haven’t delivered exactly what they were looking for lately…or yet…they trust you enough to know that it’s coming.

So…let’s talk a little about why people sign up to receive your emails to begin with.  Well…they trust you.  Maybe not totally at the beginning, but enough to give you permission to entice them.  And…most likely you offered them some sort of bribe.  An ethical bribe, undoubtedly, but you offered them something in exchange for their email address.

Then…you delivered.  Feeling an obligation now, they may have purchased something from you…or donated to the cause you’re championing. 

And that was it.  After that, they read a few of the emails you sent, and may even have found an interesting item or two in one of your newsletters.  And then, unless you really bored them, or they figured out you didn’t have anything in common after all,  they just kept waiting…and waiting…

For that one thingthat one subject line that would tell that that inside this email was that one article, or a description of that one item they’d been looking for that they could not have.  Whatever they’re waiting for, they’re still expecting that one special something.

So they don’t unsubscribe to your emails.  Even though they delete a lot of your emails without reading, they stay subscribed…and wait…and watch.

Every email you send has the opportunity to shine brightly into the one spot of the recipient’s psyche that still needs, wants, or desires what you have to offer

On some days, your email subject line may catch the attention of a lot of your subscribers.  You’re offering something that holds a special interest for a larger group of people.  When a larger percentage of that group of subscribers all open your email and take action, the light shines for you.  And, when that email gets shared with friends of your subscribers, the light begins to glow. 

When you write your emails, however, shine the light brightly for one person.    Keep your emails personal enough that every subscriber feels like this email is just for them…that one email that shines a megawatt light on exactly what she’s looking for.

The megawatt value of email marketing is connected to the light switch of human endurance and unending hope.   Presently, people endure a lot of emails waiting…hoping…for that one email that lights up the desire to take action. 

So…do…keep sending emails that are of value to your subscribers.  Don’t “scatter broadcast”…and send information you know they’re not interested in, but don’t worry if you don’t see any action sometimes.  Ask your subscribers what they want…do research to see what prospects are looking for on the Internet in your niche…and then provide it.

The megawatt value of email marketing is that your subscribers will stay with you…just as long as you consistently provide something of value…over time.   Like all good relationships, they don’t expect you to have the “perfect answer” every moment of every day.  They do expect you, though, to provide value with every email, and…sometimes…to shine your light in a way that illuminates something in a way they’ve never seen before.

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