The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Social Media Goals for 2011

Like most entrepreneurs, I am self-motivated…most of the time.  I also suffer the bane of most entrepreneurs, I know that I can be lazy if I want to…no “9 to 5” rules to restrict my activities.  To make sure I stay engaged, I think it’s important I  renew my “Resolve to Succeed” goal every year.

For the many years I spent in Corporate America, there were new goals at the beginning of each year…rules to live by…a measuring stick.  Measure up…or measure out.  Exceed and succeed.  And I loved the challenge of it.

Now that I have my own corporation, however, I want  goals that are a little more fun-based.  Goals that incorporate “measure up or measure out”, as well as “exceed and succeed,” but with a different slant. Goals that use the “SMART” system…Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound…as well as…well… fun.  I want goals that challenge, engage, and create in me the mental attitude of success, and goals that make me smile because others succeeded with me and shared the success.

As a marketing expert specializing in social media and e-mail, my business is built around helping my clients, both on-line and brick-and-mortar,  do more with less.  Social media as a marketing tool is successful when it builds relationships and serves the community a business serves.  Social media is today’s  “word of mouth” advertising, and the more good friends you have, the faster “word” spreads.   Businesses can successfully market new and current products and services very cost-effectively through social media  if they can engage their community by offering something greatly valued and easily shared.  And the ROI of social media can be measured.  Nathan Linnell offers some great insight into key measurements in his December 28, 2010 article at

To make sure my 2011 goals would be both SMART and fun,  I’ve recorded the following in my business Play Book: (and in my Book, play and fun are synonymous)

  • Provide social media and email services that help my clients develop interactive, fun communities.
  • Help them develop websites that attract prospects, and give the gift of information to anyone who visits.
  • Create blog posts that contribute valuable content to my community of on-line readers as well as those of my clients.
  • Read and research consistently to find the best methods for interacting with my clients and prospects customer base.
  • Create a measurable profit.

You may wonder why I put my “profit” goal at the bottom of my list.   To be sure, I am no different than any other entrepreneur…I am in business to make money.   I am also, like many of today’s entrepreneurs, of the opinion that you attract business, and money, when you have a passion for what you do.  Profit is important.  It feeds families and the economy.  As contradictory as this may sound, when you put passion ahead of profit, your customer and prospect ahead of profit, and you are “SMART” about it, you will create success for your entire community, creating profit for all in the process.

Community, after all, is what the new millennium is about.  A new, global community, for which 2011 holds great promise.

Now… part of any measurement system is feedback, and I welcome it from any and all of my readers.  Am I on track?


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