The Email Spy Who Discovered the Hidden Key to Conversions

For the geek sleuth that hides in many successful Internet businessmen, discovering the hidden key to higher conversions is akin to finding the hidden treasure of Atlantis.   Or, better yet, saving the world from certain annihilation by demonic forces determined to separate us from our net worth.

The hidden key to higher email conversions, which you, as the great spy you are,  will surely discover, was never all that hidden.  You just had to look a little harder to find it.

 And…what exactly is that key?  It’s keywords.  Finding the exact words that your prospects or customers would use to search for a product or a service you offer puts you on their wave length.  Speak their language, feel their pain, and describe the solution in their terms, then embed the link into the right keyword in your email, and voila, conversion from link-checker to paying customer.

Yes, it sounds simple because it is simple.  It’s just…not necessarily easy.  It’s like driving a car.  Once you know how, it’s simple.  Learning how to drive, however, isn’t necessarily easy. 

Similarly, once you have deduced what keywords trigger the purchasing response for your email recipients, you can significantly increase your conversion rate.

Increasing your conversion rate in emails is much easier than increasing your conversion rate on your website once you’ve discovered the key to unlocking the needs, wants, and desires of your prospects and customers. 

The reason for that doesn’t take much of a spy to sleuth out.  You’ve already captured the attention of your visitor.  Now, you merely have to hold that attention.

Since you already know, if you’re  target marketing via preference or segmentation, what areas of interest to highlight, you can help by creating content in the email that allows a rapid search in their areas of interest, shows product images, indicates availability, and contains promotional messages. 

When your subject line and promotional message contains keywords unique to your prospect or customer’s useage patterns and buying habits, you will have significantly advanced their progress to  the check-out lane, with their purchase in hand.

If you’re looking for a little professional help with this, CyberSiteSearch and other companies specialize in providing sortable reports of keywords based on frequency of use, click volume, sales volume, etc.

And if you’re looking for a company with the “Spy Extraordinaire” …probably robotic… look at  I doubt I’m their biggest buyer, but I do purchase from them. I am also an e-mail subscriber, and they certainly know my preferences and buying patterns. 

The e-mails I get from them are very targeted.  Today, for example I got an email …from…with the simple subject line “ 50% off Product Name”.  They have also sent me e-mails about products I’ve put on my “wish list” but haven’t purchased, products I’ve ordered in the past that I haven’t ordered recently, and they send me emails requesting my review of recent purchases.

They don’t flood me with emails.  It feels like just the right amount of information at just the right time, in just the right way. 

When and if they package and sell their email marketing strategy, it’ll be so hot the wires will burn up in the download hysteria.  Even without publication, however, with just a little spying, one can deduce the basic methods and patterns of their strategy.  It works!

If they publish, however, I may be able to give up my spy kit…no more sleuthing  for keywords, matching them to customer preferences…thinking about what prospects might be thinking about next. 

But, since buying habits and keywords change all the time, just having the magic formula probably wouldn’t be quite enough.  You and I will still get to make sure our relationships with our customers stay fresh and alive. 

One on one connections take more than a formula.  Right? 


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