Three Ways to Increase Your Success

Wherever we’re at in life,  we all wish to succeed…at something.  At the core of our being, that’s why the majority of us believe we are here.  Whether love, money or power is your goal, if you read success books about people who have accomplished what they’ve set out to do,  you’ll find three traits shared by all:

  1. Successful people see what they will give.  They  can envision what their product or service will do for the person who will use it.  They “see”  how it will be distinct…and of greater benefit than anything else available.  They create a vision of the one…or of the thousands…or millions…of satisfied receivers.
  2. They create a plan.   Successful dreams require a road map, with places to visit (to-do lists) and checkpoints.  From A to Z, they create the steps needed to keep going while ALWAYS keeping their eye on the destination.
  3. They take action.  More than a dream…there is action.  Successful people take action every day.  Even if it’s just thinking about what they want to happen and ways to move around potential barriers, there’s always action.  Sometimes these actions work out, and sometimes they don’t, but the successful person keeps striving…taking another action step.

Sounds pretty simple, right?  And…common sense.  So why do we make it so hard?

My theory…and it’s only that…a theory…is that most of us are either hard-wired or programmed (or both) for near-sightedness.  We see ourselves in the middle of a forest, and get caught up in seeing only to the edge of the clearing we’re standing in.  We create products or services that never leave the clearing…things that capture neither the imagination nor the heart of those who could benefit from what we might truly be able to provide.    We fail to see that in the forest all around the clearing there is potential for products and services just waiting for our imagination to find a way to make something useful for ourselves and many others.  Or sometimes we just fail to find a way to help the receiver “see it” from where they are standing.

I like to think that I’m a pretty successful business person…writer, speaker, e-mail and social media marketer. I make a comfortable living and my clients like my work.  Of course, it hasn’t always been that way. When I look at the mistakes I’ve made along the way (and who hasn’t?),  most of my failures came from not focusing on these three traits.

Some people pay thousands of dollars to a “success guru” for consultations and classes who…if you boiled all of their advice down…focused your attention on these same three things.  They may have given you dozens of charts, or maybe CD’s and DVD’s, and workbooks, and perhaps told you some things to put on your “to do” list, but if you think about it…didn’t they really just expand on “see the end, create a plan, take action?”

I’m not saying their advice wasn’t worth whatever you paid. These three traits are important.  If their advice helped you focus, plan and implement a success story, it was clearly worth every penny.   There are a couple of quotes I’ve heard numerous times throughout my career…as have many of you I’m sure.  One of them is “Those who can’t do…teach.”  Another one, one that I much prefer, is “Those who teach…learn.”   Successful coaches aren’t just great do’ers, they’re great teachers.  And the great teachers will help you find a way to apply these three traits specifically to your goals, whatever they may be.  So don’t be afraid to spend the “big bucks” if you find someone that really helps you develop your passion along this path.

If you can’t afford the gurus, however, or…you’re pretty confident you can make it on your own with this simple template…”GO FOR IT!!!”

I’ve had many lessons from the experts…I’ve also been the facilitator for many “how to be an expert” classes. I’ve been the passionate entrepreneur trying new paths without a solid framework.    I’ve had both success…and failure.   What I’ve learned…and want to share with you…is that success comes from thinking about…and applying… three traits…to whatever you’re doing.

So…today…give yourself the gift of three traits…create success the simple way.