Are you ready to shed the stress you’ve been packing around all these years?  Ready to believe that you can not only set goals, but achieve them much more easily and effortlessly than you would have believed possible? With laser focus on setting a coaching and mentoring plan that will be most effective for you, Max will work with you to design and implement measurable, achievable goals while reducing stress.

To schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation and ensure Max can serve you in reaching your goals, contact her at; or phone: 509-999-8318.  Normal office hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM.  If you’ve never heard of EFT or its benefits, but you’re curious about the possibilities of ending your suffering and living in peace and joy, please allow her to introduce EFT and discuss what it has done for her and millions of others around the world.

Coaching/Mentoring Sessions

Individual: For individual sessions, the initial in-depth consultation will normally last about 90 minutes for which the fee is $140. Subsequent sessions are about 60 minutes with a fee of $100.  All of these sessions are available face-to-face, by telephone, and/or Skype.  If you have an annual membership to  528 Wellness,  the fee is discounted by 25%.

Package:  Your course of action is entirely up to you.  In the  first session, you will learn various techniques, including basic EFT, that you can use on your own.  If you find that facilitated coaching/mentoring sessions bring you the greatest benefit, you may choose an extended course of assistance. EFT- facilitated therapy has been shown to be much faster than other, traditional therapies.  The package option not only saves you money, it ensures your continuity, and the opportunity to fully evaluate your progress. At the end of your first session, you can decide if this is the appropriate course of action for you.

Three 60-minute sessions $270 (10% discount, savings $30) 528 Wellness annual members: $225 (25% discount, savings $75)

Power Session:    Another option, although there is often only limited availability, is three 90-minute sessions in one day, with a 30 minute 10-day and 30-day follow-up.  If you choose this option, you should plan to commit a full day, as the work can be both intense and profound.  There are 30-minute breaks between sessions, where the most benefit is gained by rehydrating, relaxing, and deep breathing exercises.

$499; 528Wellness annual members $375


Group:   For a fee of $25, (20% discount or $20 for 528 Wellness annual members), there are regular group sessions on Wednesdays at 528 Wellness in the Northtown Mall, Spokane, WA,  from Noon until 1 PM.  To see some of the topics we will cover, please see the EFT INTRO.



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