Social Media for the Fun of It

Many businesses, like many individuals, can be inclined to take themselves too seriously.  In social media, like in real life, it’s called, “BOR….ING.”

If you’re in charge of social media for your company, or you manage social media content for other companies, consider a Post-It Note on your computer to help remind you to have:

  • Fascinating material in the genre of your audience.  Include links to sites, including your own website,  that can provide insight and rationale to their reasons for being a part of your community.  There are so many great quotes available on line you don’t have to be original to be inspirational…there are love quotes, humorous quotes, quotes to live by, and quotes by famous people from all over the world.  Find what interests your audience, and give them just a hint of inspiration with links to more, and they will keep coming back to see what’s new and intriguing.
  • Understated…underdog…unless…you’ve got a really important message that you’d like your community to spread, or provide immediate feedback on.   On a general basis, tidbits of information that tweak customers or prospects curiosity, and encourage them to click on a link to get more information is the best way to use social media to build community and business.  We all tend to see ourselves in some aspects as the Underdog, being or about to be eaten by the Big Bad Wolf, and looking for our magic cape to protect us.  Use social media to spread the word about the ways in which your organization fights the Big Bad Wolf…charitable donations, good works, and strong beliefs on current social issues will help build common bonds between you and your community.   Understated and appropriate…the quiet waters that run deep, but are clearly there.
  • Nothing but the truth.  Also nothing derogatory or inflammatory…or otherwise likely to get you in the cross hairs of your social media community.  One  social media sobriety test, a Firefox plug-in from Webroot, can help insure a night out on the town, or a really bad hair day, won’t make you run amuck or into a social media rampage in an off moment.  The responsibility of creating a fun environment,  not as someone else’s expense, is paramount if you’re managing social media.  If there’s bad news to be delivered, however, social media can help you say it quickly, professionally, and in as few words as possible.  Because it’s so immediate, and so viral,  the backlash of not being upfront and honest can be devastating in social media.  Speak the truth…”and it will set you free.”  Even in those moments when it’s painful, honesty is definitely the best policy…especially when you know what’s required for business transparency in a social media environment.

Social media is the opportunity presented to a company to be light-hearted, light-footed, and winged.  You can create games with prizes to reward participation, challenge knowledge, and so many other things to keep your audience engaged.   When you vary the content, and keep it audience-focused,  increasing your audience is easy…and it’s fun…for you and your reader.  Make it…and keep it…social media for the fun of it.

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