Share Some Megawatt Love With Your Email Clients

It’s getting really close to Valentine’s Day, and a great time to share some love. 

Whether you’re just starting to build a relationship with a new customer or prospect, or with a customer that’s been with you for a long time, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to add value to the relationship.

I’m not talking about long-stem roses, diamonds, pets or cars…although your significant other might consider that a “value-add” to your relationship.

I’m suggesting that it might be a really good time to send  a message that’s just…pure…”love.” 

 Let’s say you spent a couple of hours looking for the best bargain for what to get your significant other, your mother, or a special teacher,  for Valentine’s Day.  Why not share “the best of the best” from your research with an e-mail subject line like: “How to Find Unbeatable Valentine’s Day Specials for that Phenomenal Person In Your Life”  and a content message that begins: 

“I advertise that I add value…above and beyond…and I take that advertisement very seriously.  You’re Special…and even in today’s economic turmoil, you rush forward to make life special for everyone else…without always having time to shop for the best bargains.  

This message is the gift of time for you.   I’ve spent a lot of time researching bargains of all kinds…for the common and not so common…Valentine’s Day gifts you may want to share with that special person in your life.  You can spend a lot less time and give the best without spending the most.  In this economy, I know you value that as I do. 

I know this because we do business together…and you know I am passionate about giving you the best value possible.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for at the site links below …….. let me know how I can help.  Helping you be successful in your search for just the right gift at just the right price is my Valentine Day gift to you.

May this Valentine’s Day be your best…where your smile is truly one of contentment.  /s/”

P. S.  If you forward this to your friends, you may be giving them a Valentine’s Day gift also.  So, go ahead.  Isn’t sharing great?”

Your value proposition is what attracted your prospects and customers to begin with.  Maybe your product or service is very similar to many others in the marketplace.  Somehow, your value proposition stood out in the crowd. 

To maintain that relationship, it’s important to imprint your value proposition.

The key word here is value.  And as has been stated eloquently by writers, poets, and creative directors for millenniums, “Beauty (aka Value) is in the eye of the beholder.” 

Your main product may be a basic…like… water.  The container you put it in may have caught the eye of your customer.  What will keep them coming back to you for water, though, will be the value added…”not just water….this water has minerals your body needs; our research tells us you’re looking for water with perfect pH balance…you’ve found it; we know you want water that ideally hydrates your body.  Tell us what else you’re looking for at  ….”

“Value added” means providing more than a “fair and suitable equivalent” that everyone else in the marketplace provides.  What’s your value-added statement…in action?

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to speak to the heart of your business…to let your customers and clients know they’re special friends to you…and you want to give them a special “value add” Valentine.  Why?  Because  they add value to your life and business.

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