7 Deadly Writer’s Sins: #4

Procrastination, laziness, lack of organization… all barriers to being valued as a writer. 

I’ve promised to talk about seven.  Seven of the most disastrous things a writer can do to turn a reader off, to waste a reader’s time and effort. 

I’m going to dive right into Sin #4, and believe me when I say it’s a whopper.

Sin #4:  Lack of passion

Consider the following: 

 “Oh hey, do you know there’s a new store on 23rd & 5th Ave North?”  versus:

 “Wow, I have just got to tell you about this exciting new store on 23rd & 5th Ave North that I visited yesterday,  where they have absolutely the best quality and the best bargains I have ever seen.  And, the customer service is totally awesome.   I know you’re going to want to experience what I did, because when it comes to both quality and price, I know you’re like the rest of our group.  We all get so excited about great quality, price and service combinations.” 

Enthusiasm is absolutely contagious.  Whether the article is to persuade someone to use or not use a certain product, or to visit a certain place,  when there is passion in what you say, conveying it in your words will allow the reader to see it, feel it, and be wherever you are in the “written word.”  

Passion in writing creates an article that begs to be read.  Passion creates the sense of urgency that keeps the reader engaged, compelling them to read on even when they’re pressed for time. 

Passion creates a sense of momentum, and drama that vibrates with energy and appeal.  Add a sense of personality through passion, and you’ll be nose-to-nose with the reader. 

Writing articles,  copy, blog posts or anything else that gets published, sends out credibility vibes.  Writing with passion is not about malicious gossip, criticism, or slander.  Bring the reader with you to a certain view of the mountain, let them know how you feel, what you’re experiencing, and what you see.  Then, let them choose whether  they agree with your perspective. 

Whatever decision they reach, if there is passion in what is said, there will be thought provoked, and respect for the viewpoint presented, as well as the writer.

We, as writers, must also present the reader with the “thrill of the unexpected.”   Not only is it necessary to bring the reader to a particular perspective through our passion, we must also surprise them.  The reader must be impressed… their attention captured.  The brain seeks the unpredictable, the fantasy, the magical powers that are evoked through the passion created by your words.

Are there, for example, magical powers in the Marigold? 

According to  Macer’s Herbal it is stated that only to look on Marigolds will draw evil humours out of the head and strengthen the eyesight… ‘It must be taken only when the moon is in the Sign of the Virgin and not when Jupiter is in the ascendant, for then the herb loses its virtue. And the gatherer, who must be out of deadly sin, must say three Pater Nosters and three Aves. It will give the wearer a vision of anyone who has robbed him.’  

Having just planted a flat of beautiful, delightfully bright and yellow marigolds in my flower bed today, I can “step into” this story, and feel the passion evoked. 

I am now intriqued by, and “engaged” in the herbal power of the Marigold, rather than having just poked a few annual flowers in my flower bed.

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