Seven Agents for Successful Marketers

Have you ever thought that all successful marketers must have an even more successful agent?  If you have, then you’re right.

In fact, most successful marketers have at least seven agents.  And the best part is, you can employ them all to achieve greater levels of success than you ever dreamed possible.

Am I tweaking your curiosity?  Are you wondering who you can afford to hire that will guarantee your success…and not just one agent but seven?  If so…keep reading…’cuz here they are:

Agent #1:  Curiosity.  That’s right…when you employ your curiosity you will open up your mind to look for new ideas and new ways to serve your prospects and clients.  Curiosity may have killed the cat, but without it…the grand adventure would never have occurred…the mountains crossed or the vast horizons discovered.  When it comes to what you can do to increase your value to those you serve, be curious about everything.  Be curious about your competitors, new innovations in the niche you serve, and what people who hold opposite views and beliefs are saying and doing.  From curiosity comes great discoveries.

Agent #2:  Consistency.  When you consistently do what you say what you’ll do; when you show up every day to serve and respond immediately to requests for service, you’ll be appreciated.  And even when you’re not (you know that occasional party that will never be happy no matter how much you do), you’ll still know you did your best, and used your skills in the same consistent fashion that brings you so much success with others.

Agent #3:  Contemplation.  Before you start a project, think about the end result.  What does your client (even when you’re the client) need to be done to get the best result in the least amount of time?  Design and framework and stick to it to accomplish what needs to be done efficiently and effectively.

Agent #4:  Consultation.  Do what you do best and hire out the rest.  Consult with your client, your business partners, and anyone else who can help you achieve the very best end result for your client.  If this is a marketing job that needs expertise in areas that aren’t your forte, don’t hesitate to find a partner or partners to help you achieve optimal success for your client’s project.

Agent #5:  Criticism.  Never be afraid of constructive criticism.  Ask for it.  Be open to it.  Respond appropriately.  Not everyone thinks like you do…a very good thing by the way…and you don’t have to act on every piece of constructive criticism that comes in.  Some methods of marketing… your unique style and signature …may be why your clients love you and keep coming back.  Always seek feedback and constructive criticism,  however, to keep your methods fresh and refreshing.

Agent #6:  Non-Conformity.  That’s right…when it comes to marketing, conforming to tradition will seldom catapult you to the top.  Don’t do what everyone else is doing…instead look for how the problem can be solved in a fun, unique way that brings the end user greater satisfaction than what everyone else is offering.

Agent #7:  Clarity.  No other agent of success will bring you greater return on investment.  There simply is no better way to get a message of any kind across than being clear and straight forward.  There are many methods of communication.  Successful communication…whether written, spoken, or verbal…is crisp, clear, and to the point.   When you’re adding logic to support an emotional decision…the true definition of marketing…the easier it is to grasp, the more successful it is.

There you have it…seven agents you can employ now to better serve your clients, prospects and yourself.

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