Procrastination Again or Still? Friday Follies on Sunday

OK…see what I mean?  Here I am doing Friday Follies on Sunday!

How bad is that?

I’ve been going through this…trying to figure out how to ‘splain it away…this being Sunday and I haven’t published my Friday follies yet.

I’ve written about procrastination before.  The reason I write about it is because it’s habit I accept responsibility for…and choose to change.  The reason I’m writing about it for a Friday Follies is because it is…a folly…foible…forgettable?

Except…it’s so appealing. 

For one thing, it means I don’t have to worry about being bored.  When you put off doing things…or finishing things that you started but didn’t quite get around to getting done…you’ve always got something to do!

It’s become comfortable.  Like the slippers that I should have discarded years ago, but put on nearly every morning to go to the kitchen to get my coffee.  They have holes in the bottom, but so what?  They’re leather…suede actually…lined with fluffy wool (except for the places where they’re worn through).  I can slide my feet into them without bending over.  The heels, of course, are broken down from doing that, so now they’re more like mules than slippers.   There’s no arch support…they could smell a little (OK, a lot) better…but I am used to them! 

Procrastination’s like that.  Even when it serves no purpose, it becomes comfortable.  A “one size fits all” excuse for nearly everything.

According to the dictionary, the word comes from Latin “procrastinus”, which freely translated comes close to “forward to tomorrow”.     It’s truly amazing how easy it is to “forward to tomorrow” so many things I plan to do “today.”

Hmmmm.  “The more things I put off, the more I have to look forward to.”   Or so I tell myself.  The problem is that I know I actually can convince myself of this quite easily.  

Now, to change this…or any… habit, there are several programs… my favorite being the Sedona Method… that suggest I phrase the habit in terms of “I used to. . . .” , so in this case I’m going to tell you that “I used to procrastinate.”  Past tense, friends.  I’m going to start now…referring to procrastination as something that I used to do!

Maybe this week I procrastinated because I’m concerned that  if I continue to share ALL my foibles you may think I am a total mess…and I know that’s not …quite…true. 

There are many things I do well.   And…many that I would like to do better.  Procrastination is definitely one I would like to do better. 

No, that’s not right.  Procrastination is a habit I would like not to have.   I would like to “coax it down the stairs…one step at a time”  and then kick it out the door.

I’ve been reading Wayne Dyer’s “Excuses Be Gone” …a book I highly recommend… wherein he refers to a Mark Twain’s often-quoted “Habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time.”  I like the quote.  It’s one that resonates…makes sense…and is “doable.”

So…I’ve begun.  Today I am acknowledging that I have yet to quit procrastinating.  Another foilble I’m adding to the list I’ve shared,  I realize. 

However, the whole purpose of Friday Follies is to make sure that while I always take my work seriously,  I never take myself too seriously. 

I love Twitter’s Friday Follows, which gave me the idea for Friday Follies.  I hope my followers will enjoy the Follies and send me a few of their own to share…140 characters or less on Twitter…or more in their Comments.

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