Piercing the Veil of Lost Opportunity in Email Marketing

One of the predominant strategies in marketing today is e-mail marketing. 

Why?  Very simply, it’s cheaper, easier, and can be more effective than many other types of marketing, particularly for the small business owner or entrepreneur.   I will, of course, throw in the caveat that  e-mail marketing is only one prong of any major marketing campaign, and how effective it is depends on how well it is done. 

The very first point to consider  is that your prospects and customers must be getting information that they look forward to receiving…something of value.

In the myriad of daily e-mails received by consumers, what captures their attention, entices them to open the e-mail, and then read it?  How do you build customer loyalty and establish the bond that ensures they’ll bring you repeat business… again and again?  How do you prevent “unsubscribing” and spam complaints?  How do you get more subscribers and increase sales?

In addition to professional standards, your e-mails must comply with legal requirements.   Today, the average consumer has many watchdogs available to sift and sort through their e-mails in an ongoing effort to receive only the most interesting and opportunity-filled possibilities. 

As a business owner, how you spend every minute of your day counts.   How you spend every advertising dollar counts.   How effective your overall efforts are counts, and points directly to your bottom line.

Therefore, I think you will agree…  you cannot afford to have the lost opportunity of not building, expanding, and getting the very most from your e-mail marketing efforts.   

Before we go further, I have a question for you. 

If someone were to ask you for your “elevator speech” about your business, what would you say?  In 2 minutes or less, what passion can you evoke for what you or your product can do for someone else?  Why is it of value and why should they believe you?

Are you already offering a product or a service that people need, or do you have an idea that you’re promoting about a product or a service that people need?   What is necessary, helpful, and/or just plain fun and exciting about it?  What does it offer that competitors don’t?

When you’re comfortable with your “elevator speech,” you’re probably ready to start designing your  e-mail campaign.  Perhaps your first…or perhaps just your most successful.

A key component is to make sure you communicate your value.  No one will buy your product until/unless they perceive the exchange rate (their dollar for your product) is in their favor.   Take a look at your elevator speech.  Remember…first and foremost…you’re always selling your brand…YOU.  Brand yourself with integrity, first, last, and throughout your relationship to keep your “exchange rate” high.

In a nutshell, your elevator speech says:  ” What you see is what you get. I do exactly what I say I will do.  Your life will be improved dramatically with my product because I am a person of integrity whom you can trust, and I offer you this product with my word as my bond.”  Every e-mail you send must communicate this as well, so that the content of each message feels comfortable and familiar, like that of an old friend. 

Piercing the veil of lost opportunity in e-mail marketing, then, simply means learning what, how, why, and when to communicate with your prospects and customers the extraordinary value you offer…and deliver…in a way that lets them know you are a trusted friend

A friend whose products or services they can recommend to their circle of friends…and their circles..until the veil of anonymity and lost opportunity drops away.

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