Persistence Beats Brilliance in Email Marketing

In the end, persistence always wins.

It’s an age-old adage, and it’s true.  It’s just as true today as it was eons ago. 


Not every effort will gain you instant success in email marketing.  Even those that do create instant success cannot assure you’ll maintain that success.   You or your marketing department may have created what you considered to be a totally brilliant ad.  You spent your entire advertising budget on that one brilliant ad, counting on it being an instant success.  You didn’t plan on any follow-up because you were certain this would create sufficient buy-in by your email audience that you would be done for the entire campaign.

Across the street, your competitor spent much less on creating an email ad.  Instead, they sent the same content ad to their segmented permission-based email list with varied subject lines and varying content focus, on different days, at different times, over a 90-day period.  Spending much less, relying on frequency…or persistence…instead of brilliance, they were able to gain more sales, and contribute more significantly to the bottom line than you.

You may be wondering why this happened.  It’s actually quite simple.  Even with the most brilliant ad, most consumers ignore  the first message…often more than once.  Only through repetition does the message get through to the majority.   

Email marketers are selling in a cluttered marketplace.  If you doubt this, check out your own email inbox.  Which marketing emails are you most likely to open?  If  all of the studies that have been done are right, and you’re like most of us, you’ll open those from marketers you trust.

And…through persistence, you build trust.  Trust in your brand…who you are…the quality of your product…the worth of your word.

What products are you willing to pay the most for?  Most consumers are willing to pay more for products they have a lot of awareness about, familiarity with, and in which they trust.

For the email marketer, building that trust is a process.  One that requires persistence and time.  A process that requires measurements and continual adjustments.  It establishes ongoing interaction with people who have given you permission.  Your email list contains people who want to know what you have to share.  

If you’re an online marketer and have…or plan to have…an email marketing base, there are three essential steps to building the trust you want…the trust that major product brands rely on to sell to customers over and over…year after year.

Step #1 is building permission-based email.  This is the first phase in building trust.  It’s when you gain permission to communicate with customers and prospects on a one-on-one basis.

Step #2 is customizing.  By asking the right questions, or analyzing the right data, you can find out what your prospect and customers’  specific needs and desires are.  This information allows you to sort and select what knowledge and products you have that will be relevant and helpful.

Step #3 is teaching.  People who have given you permission to send them emails want to know about what you have to share.  Share information.  Lots of information that is relevant to their needs and wants.  Provide what they want when they need it, in the way they’re most likely to respond to, and you build brand identification…and more importantly…trust.  Interact to gather data that allows you to provide the most timely, relevant information will build your authority and credibility.  Teach your customers and prospects to trust you…and they will. 

Persistence beats brilliance in email marketing.   Some would also say that in the end, persistence beats brilliance in life.

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