One person One Email… Marketing Strategy

There’s no crowd to appeal to, no typical shopper to write to, no choir to preach to.

Just one person.  One email at a time.  Connecting to that one person, speaking with her as though she sat directly across from you. 

Offering “just-in-time”  information…not loading her down with unwanted, undesired information about subjects in which she has no interest.  Only pertinent, relevant, timely, and requested information that she’ll use.  Information that, with your carefully persuasive input, will allow her to smile and say yes to your proposals more often.

What tools do you need?  What are the points of conversation that your email will need to make in order to speak with her in that special way?  Why is it so important for her to know that you are speaking directly to her…and not to “the world?”

Let’s start with the tools you’ll need:

  • A consistent, content-loaded newsletter, offer, or other requested information.
  • A value proposition, one that defines what makes you and your product or service more valuable to the recipient than any other similar product or service.
  • A well-defined brand…something that identifies who you are, what you stand for, and absolute assurance that exactly what you’re offering is what she will receive.

The points you’ll need to make to personalize the message:

  • Use her first name…in the subject line.
  • Use her first name again…in the message when the email is opened.
  • Use segmented, detailed and specifically targeted information in the message.  Over-deliver, and under-simplify.  In other words, give more value than expected, but less superfluous information…less clutter with unwanted, undesired information about products she’s expressed no interest in, no desire to see.

Why she needs to know you’re speaking directly with her, and not the world:

  • She’s allowing you to enter her email world…she’s inviting you to be her friend. 
  • She’s trusting you…with her email address, and an opportunity.
  • She’s inviting you to support her reasons for wanting your product or services, and that’s very personal.  She knows that her reasons for considering to take action on “your turf” are very personal…that her reasons for consideration may vary significantly from someone else, and she’s counting on you to identify those reasons, and tap into them…to speak directly to her.

Identify with that one person.  Make him feel safe and confident that you will deliver on every promise…fully guaranteed.  When he take the action steps you’ve outlined clearly and succinctly, he can trust you.  He knows he’ll get your personal attention in achieving whatever end results were his personal goal.  You identified his needs, wants and desires.  You provided options.  You answered objections…and…provided the path with all the steps necessary to achieve his desired end result.

Most importantly…you addressed him by his first name.  Just like his other friends do.

One person…one email…one step at a time…in the one world.


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