Offer the Best…Because Your Prospects are Worth It

Whether you’re marketing hair care products, clothing, perfume, housecleaning, remodeling services, or marketing services, the person you are speaking with…your prospect…wants to be convinced that whatever you’re offering is the best…because they’re worth it!

As a marketer, on line or off-line, your ability to persuade someone to do something they already want to do is the difference between getting the sale…or not.  It is the ability to convince your prospect that they are a star…that there’s a performance going on…in this moment… in which they have a huge role…along with an obligation to act…in their own best interest.

The best marketing teachers…Clayton Makepeace, Armand Morin, David Garfinkel, Ray Edwards, Robert Bly…all talk about it.  In his new book Writing Riches, Ray Edwards calls it “aspirational language” or words that evoke the image of the end result of what the prospect wants…what he or she aspires to. Robert Bly, in The Online Copywriter’s Handbook, advises the use of laser-like focus…to “practice the art of selectivity.”  Clear, concise and compelling language  that will…capture attention, gain interest, create a desire, and invoke actionAIDA…the acronym you’ve heard trumpeted by marketers forever.

So…why do some marketing efforts, even using AIDA,  succeed while others fail?  Perhaps it’s the story.  What about your efforts?

  • Have you found their heroes and heroines?  When you’ve identified your target audience, have you also identified who they admire…who they want to dress like, act like, be like?
  • Have you created the story, with the words, video, audio or other media, that puts the prospect, in their mind’s eye, in the “picture?”
  • Have you differentiated your product or service from your competitors?  Does your sword have the ability to slay more dragons than any other because the blade has been proven (proof provided of course) to stay sharper for longer?
  • Have you created the outcome that makes them the champion? Have you provided the words that allow the prospect to see (in his or her own mind) how the product or services make them bigger, stronger, taller, more appealing? Getting the prospect to take immediate action is much easier when they can see themselves “in” the outcome they desire.

If you’re just using your left-brain (the facts, only the facts) to sell your product, you’re probably presenting features and benefits…with no story.  So take a close look…how can you wrap a story around your product or service…capture attention and imagination…in a way that becomes personal and passionate…either before or while you are describing features and benefits?

Do you believe that “all business is personal?”  If you don’t, maybe that’s the place to start.  After all, every contact you make, every sale you make…is about relationship.  More than ever before, before buying from you, your prospects can and want to know about you…who you are…what you stand for…and how you fit into their life’s “story.”  Your prospects’ relationship to you is based on your ability to create…not just once but again and again…a story that reaffirms a relationship worth building.

Is there a story that says they are worth every effort you have expended in creating the product or service?  Because…your product or service will, in some way small or large, change the very nature of their existence.   Because…you’ve painted the picture they can place themselves in…that convinces your prospect…that indeed…they’re worth it.  Because…you’re passionate in your belief that they are.

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