KISS to Win

It’s been around for a long time.


And it’s just as relevant now as it was 50 years ago…


It doesn’t matter if you’re speaking or writing.  It’s still the first commandment in good communication.


Whatever kind of presentation you’re making, to any kind of audience, Rule #1 for engagement is “Keep It Simple and Short.”  


 Express yourself succinctly and persuasively.  For those who are detail oriented, have the research data easily linked or available but not cluttering your “engagement” presentation.




Be well-tuned to the needs of the audience, do your research and have it well-organized.  Video, audio, or e-book – to persuade and sell, you must be knowledgeable and credible, able to connect with whatever audience is looking for your products or services. 


 And they will connect as long as your message is clear and your intentions are good.


In my career, I’ve delivered hundreds of presentations to internal (company employees) and external (professionals in other companies, customers, legal entities, and community leaders) audiences on numerous topics.  


 Whenever I give a presentation of any kind, I always start with the premise that my primary goal is show others how their interests and mine are the same – AND that I want them to take action of some kind. 


I want them to do this based on the information I provide, ONLY if they are convinced it is in their  best interest.   


A good marketer and a good presenter are one and the same.  Both ask and understand what their audience needs.  And they aren’t afraid to ask –“What do you need?” and “What are you afraid of?”


Once you’ve determined your audience needs, match it to you have to offer. 


What do you want your audience to do, think and know.  How can you organize, present, and enrich your content to accomplish your desired outcome?   Many professionals, including myself, might suggest:  “Always begin at the end.” 


Here’s an Example from a  speaker at a Holistic Health Care Fair:


Audience needs:                     Better Health – affordable, preventive care


Here’s what I want my audience to DO:

Buy (act now, change your current health care or dis-ease path)

Here’s what I want my audience to THINK:

Supporting a healthy body and lifestyle now is cheaper than taking care of  a sick body later.  I have seen, and believe the demonstrations of what this product can do.

Here’s what I want my audience to KNOW:

            Taking care of myself now  is Job #1.  By choosing to buy “Product XYZ” I am improving the quality of my life and by extension, that of my family.

By framing his presentation around those key elements, the speaker at the Holistic Health Fare can  quickly reach a large audience, demonstrating how the benefits provided by product and services described will help them make positive changes in their lives. 

You want to create an environment in which the client is comfortable with his/her decision to buy a product or service you have.   Meet the expressed and unexpressed desires that brought them to the location or site where you become “of one mind.” 


Know that both you and your prospect have gained something from this encounter.


Good intentions with a clear, short message.  Follow-up and follow through to build profitable partnerships and lasting friendships.


KISS to Win… relationship.

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