Is Your Email Garden Growing?

Winter’s nearly over.  Spring is on its way in. 

If you’re a gardener, you know the time for planting is rapidly approaching, and you’re ready…even anxious…to get started.

Email marketing is a like gardening.  In order to reap a harvest, you have to plant seeds.  Seeds of excitement, seeds of expectation, seeds of great things to come.

Let’s pull out your 2010 seed packets and take a look.  Do you have:

  • Service with a smile…that goes the extra mile?  In email, you may believe the customer can’t see you, so how could they possibly know if you’re smiling.  Trust me.  They can.  How you respond to customer inquiries and complaints is like a facial expression in words.   “Absolutely”…and “No problem,”  along with “Thank you for bringing this to our attention” will build ‘service with a smile’ loyalty for you,  and increase repeat sales.
  • Additional long-term value?  When you provide a product or service, does it also include full and complete operating instructions?  Does it have phone numbers and email addresses where additional support and help are readily available?  Do you have a guarantee?  A full refund available…without question? 
  • Extra bonuses? Television info-mercials are famous for it.  “Pick up the phone and call within the next ten minutes and I’ll double your order…absolutely free.”  No.  You don’t have to do this…nor should you do this… every time.  At random times, however, including a bonus as a special “thanks” for being a customer,  is good.  An unexpected gift is appreciated even more.
  • Every problem seen as an opportunity?   This seed builds really strong relationships.  Work on building agreement when a customer brings you a problem, rather than breaking down their resistance.  Listen…carefully.  Then, make sure to mirror or repeat back what they’ve told you to make sure you understand exactly what the issue is.  Then, show empathy, and “grow” a solution together.  And I’m sure this is already in your seed pack…always respond to objections as soon as they are presented.    Even if you don’t have an immediate answer, it shows that you care…that you’ll keep the garden watered and tended.
  • Products and services that your competition hasn’t thought of yet?  Make your purchase area fun, exciting, and easier to use than anyone else in your niche.  Set up random prize drawings for email customers only as a pop-up when clients check out.   Give back to the community…donate a part of your profits. Find companies that provide free health information and share it with your email customers.  Provide a service that keeps your customers from wanting to go anywhere else.
  • Anticipate your prospects and customers needs and desires?  Whatever your niche, do your research on future trends, and send out customer surveys, ask for input.    This may take a little time and effort, but the payoffs are huge.

Gardening can be fun…and profitable.  Whether you’re growing a vegetable garden, or an email garden, tender loving care, with just the right amount of water and supplemental nutrition, will result in a harvest with lots of leftovers for family, friends, neighbors and strangers in need.

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