Is Writing Riches by Ray Edwards Right for You?

All my subscribers know that I am a Ray Edwards fan…and that he’s my mentor, teacher, and friend.  You may or may not know that he is one of the very top Web copywriters…in fact as it says on the cover of his new book…”the Web’s #1 Product Launch Copywriter.”

He’s not paying me to write a critique.  I won’t make a dime.  In fact, he doesn’t even know I’m doing it.

But…I have to.  I have spent hours reading, re-reading, high-lighting, putting tabs on places I will go back to again and again.  Techniques I will use for myself, clients and prospects.

You can look at all the endorsements in the book…from some of the best web marketers in the world like Alex Mandossian, Armand Morin, Mike Filsaime, Matt Bacak, Joel Comm and Michael Fortin…and know this book will be an instant best-seller.  So my critique is totally unnecessary.

But…it could result in one more book sale, and even more importantly, one more person who benefits from the techniques offered in this book.  Someone who succeeds as a result of what they learned. Right now, the economy sucks.  So one more book sale will make a difference.  One more entrepreneur who succeeds because of the book…makes an even greater difference.

If you are currently marketing on the Web, without the kind of success you want to achieve, here are the top ten reasons this book may be right for you: 

  1. You may have found or created the best idea or product in the world, set up a great business plan and built a beautifully designed Web site.  Without customers, however, it’s all for naught.
  2. Your sales copy doesn’t have the right building blocks to sell your product and you’re not pulling customers in.
  3. Your email marketing campaign doesn’t have an autoresponder sequence that effectively sells by using your well-crafted sales copy.
  4. The bullet points in your sales copy don’t highlight or emphasize the benefits the prospect will get from your product.
  5. You may have a great offer, but some element of the “triad of sales” elements…the offer, close and risk reversal, is missing, and as a result, you’re not closing the deal.
  6. You haven’t moved into audio/video delivery or your delivery isn’t working.    High quality audio and video will help your prospects get to know you and trust you.  If your audio or video is substandard, hard to hear or see, or…if your delivery doesn’t move the prospect to the sale, your prospect is gone…along with the sale.
  7. You’re not marketing to targeted traffic.  Are you using Google AdWords…in a way that succinctly helps your prospect literally see the benefit of your product or service?
  8. There’s no story on your website or in your sales copy that compels your prospect to look for the great opportunity or solution only you have.  “Oh, yeah, one more thing…”  This Steve Jobs’ quote is synonymous with a yearly product launch that triggers the human emotion to “close the loop”, to be the first one to get whatever it is that he’s about to sell.  Are you setting a framework for your product that employs the psychology of influence to create intense curiosity and drive the need for closure?
  9. Do you have a “dominant story idea” and do you know how to make it work for you? Everyone loves a hero or heroine, a risk scenario, and a “just in time” rescue.  Believe it or not, most products and services contain a dominant story idea that can be described so the prospect “sees” himself…all the way through the story…up to and including the rescue…which of course your product or service provides.
  10. Time and money are of the essence…you need help now.  You’ve invested so much time and money in your product or service you don’t want to quit…and you don’t want to fail.  For under $20, you could, with just a little more effort, find the secrets to turning your Web venture around.  Are you the hero or heroine who has risked everything to create a new life for yourself…doing work you love…who could fail…unless you find a rescue plan that works?

If one or all of these elements applies to you, Ray Edwards’ Writing Riches: Learn How to Boost Profits, Drive Sales, and Master Your Financial Destiny with Results-Based Web Copy…is right for you. There is a solution for every one of the ten challenges mentioned above… and more.  I recommend it highly.  But don’t rely on my recommendation.  Read the recommendations of the top marketers in the world who’ve endorsed it, and who have paid Ray Edwards ‘big bucks’ to write copy for them.  His techniques work…and he’s shared everything…spared nothing.

Learn…and earn.  Help build the story of economic recovery (rescue) from the brink of disaster (the news certainly says we’re there right now) with one simple step by one entrepreneur…you. (hero or heroine). Buy the book today…read it and put the techniques into practice immediately.

P. S.  I just checked Amazon…better get a copy NOW…or you’ll have to wait as the current printing is almost gone!


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