Is Email Marketing Your Window to the World?

Are you an online marketer living in a building with no windows?  Is your website failing to attract the kind of attention you want…and need…to bring in prospects to see what’s inside?  Is all the passion you’ve expended putting together the best of the best for a clientele you know will benefit from what you have to offer being wasted?

If any of that sounds like you, stop what you’re doing and read this.  Now.

You have the power to create a window to the world.  Not just any window…but a beautiful, large picture window.. in which to display your best wares for all to see.  A window where you dress to perfection to show off the reasons, benefits, features or functions of your product or service. 

The window I’m referring to is what you can create with email marketing.  The prospects and customers who don’t have time to visit your website regularly to see what’s new, different and exciting can check out your show window display via the email messages you send.  They visited your website briefly, liked what they saw, and knew you had potential to help them solve their problems, meet their needs, or fulfill a desire.  They just didn’t find exactly what they were looking for in the first visit, but believed in you enough to give you permission to send them regular emails.  Now…you have an opportunity…to fulfill…or perhaps even exceed…their expectations.  You have a window of opportunity.  A window of pure potentiality.

What will you display? 

To serve both you and your prospects or customers, display your best:

Reasons:  Why should your prospect or customer open this email?  What’s in it for them?  Focus exclusively on helping them get what they want.  Remember that whatever you’re selling is a solution to a problem they have now

Benefits:  Don’t waste time talking about what your product or service is.  Tell them what the product or service can do and why it will do it for them. 

Features: What specific areas are highlights?   What stylish design elements set your product or service apart?  Is it a sleek, silver laser light…with a red button to turn on the red laser light?  The red button is a feature.

Function:  How does your product or service work?  What makes the wheels go around?  How does it get from Point A to Point B?  Is it an automatic or stick shift?  Is the gear shifter on the steering wheel or on the floor?

When you begin to see your email marketing campaign as your own window into someone else’s world…a window they’ve given you permission to place in their living room so that they can see you…or what you have to offer them, you begin to fill your window with possibilities.  Possibilities that give them choices of better and better ways to solve their problems, to live safer, healthier, happier, more robust lives.

Makes you want to put on your cape, doesn’t it?  Brandish your sword to take out all their enemies…real or imagined…and help them create the lives they were meant to live.  A window to display to the world…how does it feel, Caped Crusader? 

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