Is Email Marketing Right for You?

Email marketing isn’t right for everybody.  Yes, you heard me right.  If you’ve been sending emails and you’re not getting the response you’re looking for, maybe you need to rethink your strategy and eliminate email marketing.

First, let’s talk a little bit about why email marketing is considered as part of an overall marketing strategy.  What are the absolute essentials to start an email campaign?  Well, you must have the following:

  • a way for people who have an email address to sign up to receive emails from you.
  • a way to send emails to anyone who has asked to receive them.

That’s it.  You don’t even have to have a website. 

So…it’s kind of a no-brainer, right? 

Well, that’s what a lot of people think.  As Internet sales increase, and the number of people with an email account explodes, email marketing has followed suit.  As though starved for information, or afraid of being left out, we have signed up for everything.  The CAN-SPAM Act helps us filter information we didn’t ask for…but it lets us receive what we did. 

As a result, there are tons of emails sent every single day…to people who have actually signed up to receive emails…that say …nothing.  So the results obtained…are nothing.

To get a result, every email you send must have value to the person receiving it. If your email marketing efforts just aren’t netting you the results you want, it may be time to look at the value you’re delivering.

If you’re going to send the same old tired message out over and over…if you’re not willing to put the time and effort into delivering timely, relevant, valuable content, or you’re not willing to have it done, then quit wasting everyone’s time.   Email marketing isn’t right for you.

If you want to move forward, and move your email marketing efforts to another level…start by taking a look at the following:

  • What information do you have…that’s of real value now to the person who will be receiving your email?
  • How will that information change their lives…now
  • What feeling will change once they’ve read your email?
  • Have you sold yourself…or just your product? 
  • Is every email you send designed to build relationship…directly…with the person receiving it?

When you can easily answer all of these questions, your results will reflect it.  People respond when they’re getting something of value…to them.  When they’re getting something that has the potential to change how they feel about something.  Something that frightens them, excites them, thrills them, or repels them.  Something that can change their current view of reality.

Every email you send requires great content.  Content that grabs the recipient’s attention, motivates them or changes their feeling about something in some way, and propels them to take an action.  Graphics and images are great “dressing” and can help reinforce your brand, but content that speaks to them…personally…is what builds relationship. 

Something new and different in every email…not just a rehash of “yesterday’s” story.  If you’re up for it…or willing to pay to have it done right, email marketing can deliver dramatic results. 

Done poorly, it can also have drastic results…empty pockets.

The action doesn’t need to be to ask the recipient to buy something.  In fact, the best email marketers don’t sell something every time..or even the majority of the time.  The best email marketers do, however, provide something of value in every single email. 

So how about it?  Is email marketing right for you?

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