Is Cancer Growing In Your Online Business?

Like cancer in your body, potential destructive cells can sit in your online business.  Like the discovery of cancer in your body, once it’s there, you have only one choice…kill or be killed.

Maybe you’re thinking that’s a little over-dramatic, but think about it for a minute.   Are the destructive cancer cells in your business activated just like the destructive cancer cells in your body?

There is a school of thought, that if you can abstain from “the blame game” can move you fairly quickly to a solution set.  Let’s start with cause and consequence.

What does it take to have a healthy business and a healthy body and what happens when any of the basics are missing?  Would you agree, the basics are: 

  • A healthy environment in which to grow
  • Good nutrients
  • Focus and attention to maintain balance

In a business, you create a healthy environment when you work in a business or a niche that truly interests you, and inspires you to help others…to have a better business themselves, to be healthier, to look better…or any other reason.

You add good nutrients to your business when you continually look for better, faster, more effective ways to resolve the problems or fill the needs of your cliente, and providing those solutions.

When you are focused on providing the best resolution or the best product possible, and your attention is directed to filling the need…without “overmarketing” (too much pushing or pulling), you maintain balance and enhance your relationship.

A failure in any one of those areas can result in a cancerous growth…a malignancy that can spread quickly throughout your business and take it down. 

So if your business is faltering, and you are wondering what to do…consider attacking it like a cancerous growth in your body and design a way to kill it.

Cause and consequence.  Cause…not  enough attention in one or more critical aspects for business success.  Consequence…business failure.  Unless…

You discover the cancer, and attack it vigorously.   Just as new discoveries are made every day for better ways to kill cancer in the body, new discoveries are made every day to kill cancer in a business.   The media is a constant and continual “cancer spreader.”  If you buy into how “awful” things are in the world, it’s easy to begin to believe you are a victim…and like every other business…doomed to failure. 

  • So…cancer buster #1: Don’t buy into the media hype.  Entreprenuers have always been the backbone of this country.  People helping people…building relationship.   If you want to help the economy, stay focused on all the positive things you can do to create better solutions, to create a better environment within your own niche.
  • Cancer buster #2:  Add nutrients.  Maybe you’re a lightbulb salesperson, and you’re offering great deals on regular lightbulbs but with all the conservation efforts, your sales are declining.  Look around…can you expand to help yourself and your clients?  Are there lightbulbs now available that you can offer that are “greener”…better for the environment…more cost effective…use less wattage and last longer…and can you make them available to not only your clients, but your clients’ friends…thereby increasing your sales while offering a better solution set?
  • Cancer buster #3:  Focus on what your cliente wants and needs.  Direct your attention to listening closely.  Ask…surveys, feedback and real person-to-person conversations…what you can do to help.  Then, find solutions.  They are there.  You can find them.  Together with your clients and prospects, you can be a part of the solution set…a part of the economic recover.

Never believe that you are a victim.  Don’t let cancer grow in your online business or in your body.  Be vigilent, be proactive…and be happy.  Everything really is going to turn out fine.

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