How to Use the Building Blocks of Email Marketing

What does it really take to get into the minds and hearts of your email customers?

At the risk of saying what you may have heard from me in the past, and undoubtedly from others…it takes compelling copy.

More than just words.  Your copy must:

  • Arouse curiosity
  • Offer a strong compelling message or promise
  • Explain exactly what you will be delivering
  • Highlight the benefits to the recipient
  • Appeal to their emotions
  • Be specific
  • Have a call to action

Not an ad, nor even an editorial, email messages that your recipients want to receive are conversations.  You may have done a lot of research on email marketing.  If so, I’m sure that you’ve seen the predominant theme that flows through all of the expert advice…”Focus on relationship.” 

Email marketing must accomplish all, or at least most of the “stuff” that was mentioned earlier, in such a way that  the person reading it  feels as though you’re having a one-on-one conversation.   Someone I think is truly an expert at making you feel as though he’s talking directly with you is Frank Kern.  Frank is an Internet marketer who makes a “lot of money” with what appears to be no effort at all.  Now I know he works hard,(at least occasionally) but his style conveys ease of doing business.  His style also lets you know he enjoys it. 

 I just reread an email message I got from him yesterday.  That email has every single building block mentioned above, and…including the title…consists of less than 50 words.  No unnecessary words, no unnecessary sales pitch.  Just a conversation.

His subject line has 3 words.  Words that arouse my curiosity.  I checked off, as I reviewed the email and found every single component of compelling copy we’ve just talked about.  Without ever “raising his voice.”  

This is the way I like doing business.  Given the results of numerous studies, this is the way a lot of people like to do business…through relationship…not salesmanship.

Are you struggling with how to create a readable, let alone compelling piece of email copy?  Did you know there are tools available to review the readability of your copy?  Some are free and some you’ll have to pay a little bit for. There are, however,  readability tests for many types of texts and audiences.  They can be helpful if you’re struggling with how your writing “sounds” to someone else, or you’re just not sure how readable your copy is.  Some general suggestions for readable… and compelling copy… are:

  • Keep your sentences short.
  • Use simple, expressive words.
  • Write at 7th or 8th grade comprehension level.
  • Don’t insult your audience’s intelligence with “politically correct” words and phrases. 
  • Skip the buzzwordsoutsourcing, synergy, supersize.  They can sound pompous or pretentious.
  • Avoid cliches, like “We’ve come full circle” or “The writing’s on the wall.”  They’re old, they’re tiresome…they’re b-o-r-i-n-g!
  • Do — use words that grab attention, words that create interest and trigger enthusiasm so the reader is motivated to act.

Creating compelling copy for a great email doesn’t take a lot of blocks.  It just takes the right blocks, placed strategically.  Create an email that grabs your reader’s attention, and entices them with benefits and features that are meaningful to them.  Meaningful enough to inspire them to take action.

Playing with blocks hasn’t changed a lot since you were a kid.  The idea is to…have fun, be creative, and keep the blocks solid so they won’t tip over. 

Try it.  I’m sure you’ve got it…had it for years…even if you might have forgotten… just a tiny bit of it.

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