How to Target Your Email Market

There’s all kinds of expert advice on target marketing…including mine. 

But what about the advice of the real expert on your market…you? 

No one knows your target market better than you.  Who is your ideal customer?  What does he look like?  Right now…today.

All of this is “stuff you know” but you may not know that you know it.  So think about it for a minute.  While you’re thinking, I’ll share a quick story.

This is a true story, about someone who had dogs, and needed to keep them inside nearly all of the time.  She detested coming home to “piddle spots”…and “other” messes to clean up. So…first she bought baby diapers and used them on her dogs.  Then, she thought they looked a little silly, and they weren’t quite right.  So, having a sewing machine (and knowing how to use it), she decided to make “doggy diapers.”  Then, she decided she could add a few ruffles or a design pattern, and dress the diaper up!   Next thing she knew, she had created a new business.

Then, smart lady that she was, she hired a great marketing firm to help her market her new product…to help her define her target market, and learn how to communicate perfectly with them through email marketing and other mediums.  In the past, this type of start-up business would have taken years to take off.  

With the Internet, a great marketing firm who helped her target her market  and design the communication strategy through email marketing, combined with other marketing efforts, she didn’t waste a lot of time…and her business took off nearly overnight.

This lady thought knew who her target market was…a dog owner like herself.  It wasn’t hard for her to define that market.  But…there was more…that the marketing professional helped her “see.” 

For example, which dog owners were most likely to find her product appealing?  Well, people who either couldn’t leave their dogs out all day, or didn’t want yellow-spotted lawns …who could afford her product; who wanted a “service” product with design or flair.

So, let’s segment that:

  • Age, income, occupation:  25-60; 50-200K, professional
  • Lifestyle preference:  dog lover,  City, Urban — small yard
  • Frequency of use:  Daily
  • Geographic segmentation:  People who live in apartments, have homes with small yards.
  • Benefit:  No floor, carpet, yard clean-up; disposable diaper, luxury, designer cover (attract attention)

Now, having refined her target market a little more closely,  with a little professional assistance, she began working on her strategy.  You can do the same.

Your target market is that individual that you aim your marketing efforts toward.  When you think about your target market as one person it’s easier to design your strategy. 

  • What type of person would be interested in your product or service?
  • What is their age, gender, ethnicity, and geographical location?  Of these segments, which is most important in determining your marketing strategy? How can you present benefits and talk with each element? 
  • Who can afford your product?  What is the average income for people who might buy your product or service?
  • Why would this person want your product…what is the benefit…what need, want, or desire would it fulfill? 
  • Why would they want your product instead of your competitor’s?  What are your differentiation points?

These are the questions you can ask…and answer…better than anyone.  Once you know the answer to those questions, you will know how to target your email market.

Then, with  more specific target market characteristics, you can decide whether you need to get professional marketing assistance.  On your own, or with a little help, being specific about your target market will help you develop a communication strategy  to not only reach…but to reach out and touch…one individual…at a time. 

Be your own expert… and put a bull’s eye on your target.

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