How to Start a Social Network Revolution

Want to really skyrocket an idea or a product into the next level for your business?  Then draft an army of believers and let them help you.

Take your 50 best customers who love what you’re doing, and ask them if they would like to, and are willing to  share your new product or service with at least 10 of their associates, or people they know who could benefit as much from your product as they have. Let them know that you value their assistance and that you insist on showing  your appreciation in some way, either through an affiliate program if they care to participate, or in some other way that allows you to show how much their support means to you.

Think of Amway, Avon, Fuller Brush.  How have they done so well for so long?  They’ve helped other people succeed through sharing.  They have found ways to show their gratitude in a business relationship that creates a win-win for everyone.  How many times do you get 3, 4, 5…or more…emails, tweets, or facebook posts in a single day that are touting the product of a friend?  A friend or business associate of yours telling about what another friend has or does that you might find interesting or beneficial?  And don’t the majority of those postings acknowledge their affiliate relationship? 

While there are tons of new products and new services, the best marketing still comes from the oldest ideas…the more you do to help others succeed, the more successful you are.

Let’s take a look at your product.  Perhaps you have a small online business.  Your website has a home page that describes what you have to offer…a flea collar for cats and dogs that uses only natural products and no man-made chemicals, for example.  You have around 100 customers that you sell products to regularly, and they all love the collars you’re making for their pets.

However, because the collars aren’t mass-produced, and the natural products used to create the flea collars are hand-picked and processed herbs, the collars aren’t inexpensive to make.  You want to kick off a big marketing push, but your profit margin isn’t big enough to support the kind of money a large marketing company wants to charge you for a full-force campaign.

What you can do, however, is set up social networking sites and partner with some of your best customers to help you advertise.  Make sure you let them know you insist on rewarding them, not only for being loyal customers, but for helping you bring new prospects to a product they know, love, and believe in.

One of the best ways to allow your customers to assist you is to ask them if they’d like to make short video clips that demonstrate how your product works for their benefit.  Then post them on your website, and on YouTube, or other media network.  Real people giving real demonstrations of product uses and successes, especially when combined with a touch of humor, can help kick off a social networking revolution that can skyrocket your business overnight.

Sharing your success with the person who was willing to put in the extra effort to help support you not only makes good business sense, it makes good relationship sense.  A sense of celebration emerges.  Everyone knows that celebration, joy, and happiness are contagious, and pretty soon, even those good customers who seemed reluctant to engage in a real marketing effort are caught up in the wave and swept away in their efforts to help you…and then them…succeed.

People helping people.  One person helping another, one by one, spreading the word and creating a huge wave of success.  It’s a revolution.

Today’s marketing revolution is not a battlefield, where there are dead bodies strewn everywhere as one person steps over another in the competition to get to the top.  Today’s marketing revolution is a cooperative; a social network success where all who choose to participate are rewarded. There is the  intrinsic reward of  sharing  something you have found to be beneficial with others, and there is often the monetary reward you receive that allows the person whose information you share to show appreciation.

Who is it that really matters in what you do? It is the customer who determines your future…your fate in business, so who better could you engage as a business partner.  When your passion is to please your customer, it easily becomes a shared passion when your product or service is truly valued.  And who doesn’t like to hear “Thank you” in a way that prompts you, and those you share with to keep on sharing.

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