How to Reinvent Yourself & Succeed in this Economy

How would you like to feel free…TODAY…

Are you, like a lot of folks, worried about whether you’re going to have a job to go to tomorrow? Are you worried about what you’ll do if you arrive at work tomorrow morning and see the infamous “pink slip” sitting on your desk, or the HR Manager at your office door, with a forced smile and packet in hand?

Whether you’re self-employed, working under contract, or working for an employer, are you one step ahead… or one step behind… the possibility curve?

Hey, if you’re happy and comfortable where you’re at, no worries. If you’re concerned… even a little bit though… would you rather be ” ahead…  than dead?” (metaphorically speaking of course)

If you’re heading out the door of your office building today.. coming out with a “dead” career,  an “escort”  and your box of personal possessions… or the feeling of certainty that you’re next,  the “possibility curve” may be bending the right way already for you.  Right now, the unemployment statistics tell us the possibility curve (that you will lose your job)  is at least 10%.  That’s huge — statisically.  It just doesn’t sound all that big compared to the 90% remaining employed.  Unless… you’re part of  the 10%  or are afraid you will be.  

Now is the moment for you to realize… you have choices.

Choice:  You can be afraid… very afraid.

If you come into this moment unprepared, or with such dread you go to bed, cover your head and vow to never come out of your bedroom;  fear… combined with analysis paralysis [coulda,woulda,shoulda] may rob you of one of the greatest opportunities to ever come your way. 

Choice:  You can be unafraid… happy and ready to jump to… whatever is Next.

This can be an adventure.  One where you think about who you are and what your values are.  A time  to rediscover the passion and ambition in your life.

With a little advance planning, and the knowledge of how to successfully switch from one career to another, you can have the freedom to create a life of happiness instead of a life of drudgery.

We all have talents that are transferable.  We all have the capability, and too frequent tendency to be blind to those talents, to our true passion, and the real reason we are here.

I recently read a great book that I highly recommend.  It’s titled” The Passion Test.  The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose. ”  It is authored by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood, and available at,  as well as many other bookstores.

It’s an important “read.”  It’s about knowing what you’re here for.  The authors write:  “When you begin to do what you love, what you are  truly passionate about, your life will be irresistibly pulled in directions you can’t even begin to imagine.”

I’ve heard that before, and you probably have too.  But how closely have we really examined it.  Have you ever taken the opportunity… or had the opportunity created for you… to examine and gain great clarity about what you really love to do?  And, by the way, this includes making money… lots of it… if it’s truly important to you!

Start today.  Start now.  Get ahead.

When you lay out and really dissect your skill set, it is extremely likely that you will find many positions, or entrepreneurial opportunities where you can be a good fit. You’ll likely also find that there are some “tools” in your skill set that you really already like using.  And some that you don’t.   Focus on what you like best.  Think about how to use those skills on what you care about doing in this world.

Building your transferrable skill set, and matching it to work that you really want to do, and have a passion for, will help to build your confidence, achieve your goals the life you want.

Once you’ve created your “Passion Path”,  you’ll begin to lose your fear of unemployment.   You won’t be one of the ones who are floundering… unable to decide what to do when/if you lose your job. 

You will have a plan…   something the majority of people don’t have when they are switching careers.  This opportunity may also be just the “kick in the pants” you need to make a dream come true…  and to realize that putting your attention… and intention… on what you really enjoy giving will pull you into the life you have only imagined.

Learn how to overcome your own mindset and reach for a future that excites you. This means learning what motivates you and what you enjoy. There is ample evidence that the future shows most people with  multiple careers in one lifetime. It is no longer “abnormal” for a medical doctor to become  an artist,  or a corporate executive to become a farmer. 

You can re-invent yourself  many times as your passions move, as long as you have the commitment to follow your dreams. 

All of this is not to say you won’t need to plan, or won’t need to put some effort into executing  your plans.  Living your life on purpose, with passion,  makes it a lot easier, however,  to place one foot in front of the other… even if they’re a little “off the ground” as you plan and then execute one goal after the next.  Once you’ve set your passion path there are, of course, practical considerations to re-inventing yourself.  You may have to get additional education, and if so,  now is the time to consider:

• How will you get an education? Who will pay for it?
• How will you manage your time and your family responsibilities?
• Where can you make business contacts?

These are all crucial life issues that have to be recognized and dealt with in order to succeed. Very few people succeed in a complete vacuum.  Fear of change…fear of success… fear of failure.  You may grapple with one or all.

Along your journey, you’ll find people who want to help you; who become allies, as well as those who create obstacles in your drive to “become your destiny.”  Even well-meaning friends and relatives who tell you to “stay the safe course.”   You can even sabotage yourself and not realize it until many years of what could have been fruitful work have gone by.  Passion and purpose help you stay focused and provide the means to succeed.

Reinventing yourself… living your passion… is a noble endeavor.   The actual execution of it requires both your commitment… and a plan. Whatever plan you build, however, be sure it’s flexible.  Be sure you’re flexible.

Being flexible allows you to stay open.  There are many paths on the journey to the top of your mountain.  If one’s closed due to a rock slide, or a bridge that’s out, remember to stay focused on the top.  Detours can be the most exciting part of your journey.

Success in this… or any other economy… is  about your ability to see beyond yourself.  To see beyond the barriers, real or imagined… and to feel the excitement of having reinvented yourself.  However many times you choose!

To wait or not to wait… that is the question.  Choice.

Start today.  Start now.  Invent the new you.

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