How to Let ‘You’ Shine Through in Email Marketing

Is your e-mail a conversation…is it memorable…does it engage your prospects and customers and help them understand what’s different and especially valuable to them about your company?

When you’re having a conversation with a friend, there’s usually an exchange.  You listen, and you each talk when you have something new to add. 

E-mails are marketing conversations.  And your customers will be your friends…if you’re willing to put  a little effort into building the relationship.   I like what Seth Godin says about this strategy: ” …a crazy alternative that seems to work: do the most you can do instead of the least.   Radically over-deliver.  Turns out that this is a cheap and effective marketing technique.”

E-mail marketing is a valuable and relatively new method of connecting with customers.  E-mails are a marketing marvel when the connection is a two-way switch, where information is exchanged, and the goal is to lead prospects and customers to their own personal discoveries of how your product brings them value.

To engage through e-mail, talk like you talk, not lecture, preach, or simply tout your wares.

Make people feel heard.  Do surveys often, to find out what your prospects and customers are looking for in your area.  Then, make sure you give them feedback.  “You spoke, we listened.  Here’s what you said you wanted.  Here is the solution we created.  What do you think?”

Listen.  This one thing can earn you more trust and gain you more success than any other in marketing.   Sometimes “listening” is just observing whether your e-mails are achieving their objectives?  Are you converting more prospects into customers?  Are you getting more opt-ins?  Are your prospects and customers helping you achieve your networking objectives?  If not, take the guesswork out of it by asking.  If asked, your customers will tell you what they want to know and how you can provide it.

One method of starting a conversation is to tap into current events.  What’s going on in the world today?  What’s going on in your niche market?  A great way to share your opinion, along with other insights or controversies is an e-mail with content containing a few interesting, relevant facts, and a link to a blog or newsletter.  Someone I think does this very well is Clayton Makepeace, a well-known copywriter and marketing expert, who shares marketing advice on one blog, and political controversy on another.  I feel engaged and very much in tune with current events in both my chosen field of work and in the world.  I feel like we’re having a conversation — through e-mail.  I think I know the real person, not his ‘corporate persona.’ 

This isn’t a ‘plug’ for Clayton, although I  don’t mind doing that.   What I hope you’ll see, though, is an excellent example of what you can do to get people interested enough in you and your business that your prospects and customers want to learn more about you.  It’s the “do the most you can instead of the least…radically over-deliver” that Seth Godin talks about.  Seth, incidentally, is another one who provides an excellent demonstration on marketing well through conversation.

People feel good about buying from you when they feel like you’re connecting with them… communicating with them…when you have something that’s interesting to them to talk about.  Let the real ‘You’ shine through in your e-mail marketing strategy in every conversation, and always…always…over-deliver.

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