How to Find Happiness Every Day

Did you start your morning cranky, crabby and out of sorts?  Were you thoughts gravitating to what your spouse did or didn’t do yesterday, or what your children should have done but didn’t?  Or were you dreading the thought of getting up this morning and heading out the door to a boring, dead-end job that may help pay the bills but brings you no joy whatever?

If any of that is you, then this post is dedicated specifically to that one part of you that wants something different…a better way of living, a better way of being…a happier way to wake up in the morning.

First, I can say with a great deal of authority that I am an expert in this area.  That is…the area of knowing what it’s like to wake up crabby, cranky and depressed.  It took a lot to move myself out of this space and into a new arena where I create my future and then live it.  I’ve invested time, money, and effort.   There were some major roadblocks that you may recognize:

  • I’m not worth it. For years, I held a subconscious belief that I wasn’t entitled to be happy.  In fact, I didn’t really think anyone was entitled to be happy.  For those few people I had met who really did look happy, I thought it was very temporary thing.  And that it had nothing to do with me.
  • I can’t change. Amazingly, despite having made various career changes, moving in new directions, living in different locations and making new friends, I had this strong belief that I was not in control of my life.  I believed that outside circumstances totally controlled what happened, and that all I could do was hunker down and deal with what happened.
  • My life is predestined. I don’t know if someone told me this when I was little, or if I just came to this conclusion based on something that happened to me along the way.  Like the time when I was 10 and my older cousin convinced me that we should walk home from the park where our parents were enjoying a picnic with family and friends.  Of course, we got into significant trouble with our parents, who somehow talked the police into searching for us after we’d been gone for several hours.  After all, we were 12 miles from home, but we hadn’t considered that at the time.  Afterward, I remember thinking that I was “destined to take that walk, destined to get into trouble, and that I would spend my whole life on some road trying to figure out where I was and why I was there.”

Now, many years later, I can tell you that I’ve changed all of those beliefs.   I have discovered that it’s possible to find happiness every day.  Using various energy psychology or energy medicine techniques, I now build my own road, and a destiny that I choose, and change when I need to.

One of the tools I use is really quite simple:  I start each and every day now by remembering one moment…just one is really all it takes…when I was very happy.  Some mornings, I remember being a little girl making mud pies with my sister.  We had fun doing that.  Sometimes I think about when my #1 son was born, and how precious a bundle of life he was then, and still is.  There are mornings when I remember the joy I had buying a new car with money I had saved, not borrowed.

Focusing on that moment of joy, and remembering it again and again throughout the day helps me surround myself with positive energy, with like attracting like.  And, even when outside circumstances intervene in a way I hadn’t anticipated, I am now able to react so much differently.  Holding on to a happy thought helps me see how very many different possibilities there are to change the outcome to what is happening.

Knowing I can, in fact, change the outcome makes me very happy indeed.  Happiness isn’t hard…but recognizing it certainly can be.  Until you’re willing to see it…moment by moment.

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