How to Capture –and Keep — YOUR Best Prospects

You’re drawing potential customers to your website. 

You’re getting lots of hits, but no bites.  You’ve got a great product, and you’ve got lots of bells and whistles on your website. 

But where are those red-hot prospects going?  Why aren’t they buying?

If you’re getting “hits” (lots of visitors, few or no “click to buy”), then see if you can verify that you’re reaching the right prospect… that your message, whether your using an e-mail list or direct marketing list of some kind,   is reaching customers who’ve bought similar products…that the price they paid for that product was not significantly less than the one you’re marketing… and that they’ve done so recently.

Take a little time to play Sherlock Holmes.   First, check out all kinds of websites of similar products. 

Are your products or services similarly priced?  What are the differences between their marketing pitch and yours?   Are they reaching the “heart” of their customer’s needs?  Compare carefully.  Be brutally  honest about your website’s appeal — could it be you’re not reaching out and “touching” your customers?  

Find out what your competitor’s conversion rates are if you can.  Have a friend or two in the same business?  Or an acquitance?   Even if you don’t,  if you want to know something, ask.   Remember, you’re in business here, and your “success” comes from solving the mystery!

 Then, let’s move on to a few more questions. 

Of the three categories below, could one or more apply to  their “drop in and depart” behavior:

1) Do they really need your product?

2) Can they afford your product?  

3) Do they trust you?  Do they believe that you will deliver what you say you will deliver when you told them you would?

Let’s go back for a quick website review again,  looking at some of the information I’ve shared in recent posts. 

You need quality copy and content — clear, compelling, persuasive all the way through.   Make sure the information is relevant to your prospective customer.  

Have you had your website reviewed by a professional?   If not, go immediately to my Services page to request a free critique.  I want to help!  If you have, and are satisfied your prospects need and can afford your offer,  then carefully consider question number 3 — trust

How do you get people who don’t know you to trust you? 

We haven’t really talked a lot about this before.  One of the best, and most often used method of gaining trust is to give a money-back, no questions asked guarantee.  There is something that every online marketer who wants to stay in business can, and should, do.  

” Within a [given]  time period, all you have to do is let me know you are not 100% satisified with the product or service you’ve just purchased, and I will refund your money..immediately.  No questions asked.  I promise.” 

There are, of course, other techniques, like making sure you have great testimonials on your website… we’ll cover that in more detail on another post… along with “free stuff”, the importance of immediate customer response and shipping or delivery exactly as promised.

Then, keep your promise, sale after sale after sale.    Use these few simple techniques to Capture, and Keep your Best Prospects.

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