Has Your Email Mission Lost Its Luster?

Remember when you started your e-mail campaign? 

You had a mission — provide the best service and value possible to the maximum number of people spending the least amount of advertising dollars.

You thought you did everything right.  You used graphics and catchy headlines and sent daily e-mails for the count-down to the end of the sale.

You got a lot of sales.  That told you that you were doing it right.  So you did it again.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  An old axiom that works well in most circumstances.

If, however, either, you are still selling the same product to someone who has already purchased, or it appears that you are selling that same product, this person will probably wonder why you aren’t paying attention!

Yes, it’s true.  Buyers buy, and when you your customers buy something from you, you can accurately assume they will buy from you again.  You have a product or service they like, and you have established a certain level of trust.

Why, however, would they buy the same thing again if they don’t need it?  

Maybe you’re not offering the same thing.  You just forgot to tell them that.  Your subject line once again read: “20% Discounts One Week Only”, and the primary link in the e-mail content pointed to the same product.   Oops.

Hey, it happens.  And it’s one of the little things that quickly takes the luster off the best-designed e-mail marketing campaigns.

When results show something is successful, you want to do it again.  So do it.

Don’t, however:

  • Make everything identical.  If every offer has a “20% Discount”  it ceases to seem like a bargain.
  • Forget to tie new links to new products in the right areas of your e-mail content.  If the discount you’re offering applies to a different product, make sure it is well-identified and linked appropriately in your e-mail.
  • -Do a content “add-on” without changing focus.  Maybe you still have some of the older product left, and yes, you’d like to move it, also.  But it’s not the primary purpose of this e-mail.  Proofread your e-mail and check all the links before hitting the ‘send’ button.

You can and want to link to the buying behavior of your clientele.   You and your team will want to know:

  •  Why was your first campaign successful? 
  • What did you identify as particularly meeting the needs and desires of your target market?
  • How did you highlight the benefits?
  • What promise did you make…and keep…that triggered the response you got?
  • How did you appeal to their emotions?

If your second e-mail marketing blitz is for a different product, how can you touch those same key elements without having your e-mail sound like it’s just a repetition of your last sales campaign?

One method I’ve found helpful is to look at the current headlines.  We all respond at some level to what is going on around us.  Let’s say for example you were selling an anti-aging cream  last month,  and this month you found a source for a new supplement that has been shown to reduce inflammation.  You might start the message content to all those who purchased last month something like this:

“Last month you purchased ‘MagicCream.’  You’ve discovered the first secret of  biologically younger-looking skin. This month you will discover how to stop those stress lines on your skin that are created from inflammation.  Take more years off your life.  Unlike Heidi Montag and many other celebrities who’ve had to resort to dangerous surgical procedures, you can create beauty inside and out with natural, healthy products I will continue to research meticulously…and use personally… before making available to you at the lowest price possible….”

Since Heidi Montag is currently the topic of some controversy as a role model because she’s having plastic surgery to improve her looks after making the very public statement: “Beauty’s really within”, she provides the perfect springboard for the connection between current topics and your product.  Even for those who may not have read about the controversy, it sparks curiosity, and ensures your readers feel connected to current events.

Keep your e-mails fresh and relative to current events.  A clean shine keeps the luster on your e-mail mission.   Sort of like that comfortable pair of serviceable shoes look like new with a fresh polish.

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