Great Email Marketing Creates an Experience

Like the moment you walked into the art gallery and saw a full exhibition of Van Gogh, or Rembrandt, or…whoever your favorite artist is, great email marketing will create a memorable experience with multiple pieces.

For…more than a…moment.

Like the Eveready Energizer bunny, you want every email to be anticipated…and you want that anticipation to keep going…and going…

Think of your email campaign as a series of paintings…all created by the same great artist.  Each email has a stand-alone, basic appeal.   If the recipient only purchased…or subscribed…or donated…based on one email, the value they received would stand alone.  However, the anticipation of the next email, and the next possible action would build from the first email.  Just as though they had purchased one valuable painting, hung it, enjoyed it…and considered the possible purchase of another by that same artist.

Can you picture yourself as a great artist?  Someone with the consumate skill to put millions of brush strokes together to create a masterpiece?  As a great email marketer, that’s what you are…a great artist.  The designer of the best email marketing programs sees the big picture, the full series…with all of the brush strokes pulled together into the picture of success.

With few exceptions, great artists practice.  And then they practice some more.  Then they create.  Similarly, great email marketing campaigns come from researching and designing content, graphics and images that connect with the prospective customer.  Then they test.  Then they create… a marketing campaign that has the look and feel of the same artist with  lots of great new material, and the same connection from the first email through the last.

Brand and personality.  It can be brash and bold, cute and cuddly, quintessentially quiet or palpably peppery.  What matters is that your email connects.  What matters is that its design and message are suitable and valuable to your reader. 

If you’re not sure how to create the right experience for each individual email subscriber, do the following as part of your sign-up and opt-in procedure:

  • Send a welcome email after they’ve confirmed you as a “friend” to their ISP.
  • Ask them if they will help ensure you provide exactly the right experience. 
  • Ask them if they will complete a short questionnaire about their personal preferences.
  • Include a link ,that’s been well tested across numerous ISP’s,  to send them to the questionnaire.
  • In the questionnaire, ask about types of emails…coupons, promotions, newsletters…product specifications… they want to receive as well as days and times…and what other media methods, if any, they want to receive.  This could include instant messages, phone, or social media.  What you are doing with this is adding depth and dimension to the email canvas…giving them the picture…and the artist they want.

The more you are able to view yourself as an artist creating a masterpiece for each individual client, the greater the email experience will be.  Over time, it will create a relationship that just keeps going…and going.

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