Fun and Focus for Email Marketing

Whatever business you’re in… funerals, flowers, copywriting or campaigning…the more focus you have on the celebration of life, the more fun you’ll have.  So will your prospects and customers when you share connections about life’s celebration in your communications.

There are a lot of moving pieces in keeping a business going.

There are even more moving pieces when you have a website and email marketing program.

It’s easy to lose both fun…and focus…when all the moving pieces start to pile up. 

You may find that you really do have too many moving pieces…that you’ve focused so hard on fancy graphics with lots of color, links, text and perfect subheads…you’ve lost sight of your goal…conversions.  Getting people to subscribe, getting them to open your emails, read them, and take action.

Are you making the simple…complex?  Did you quit having fun?  If so, you’re probably not getting your prospects and customers to convert, because they figured out you weren’t having a conversation…you were just…talking to them.  Not talking with them.   You didn’t add enough value that they were more aware of you after reading your email than before.

Stop. Take five minutes right now, and right down why you’re doing what you’re doing.  Why are you in the business you are?  Why do you have a website?

If it’s just about money, at some point the odds are strong that you’ll fail.  If it’s about fulfilling a passion, about sharing, about celebrating life, it will be fun…and it can be very profitable.

Maybe that wasn’t always the case.  Maybe that wasn’t what it was like… in yesterday’s marketing world.

There’s lots of evidence out there that says that is what it’s about today, though.  The growth of the internet, especially social media, are good clues to what’s going on.  Read anything about today’s marketing and you’ll find that in today’s market it’s not about selling…it’s about relationship.  It’s about celebrating life, having fun and sharing.

Keep your email messages versatile, dynamic and fun.

  • Focus each one of them on some aspect of your email campaign goals. 
  • Focus each one on how that aspect brings a greater value to the recipient’s life than they had before.
  • Focus on celebrating…their challenges, their accomplishments, their life goals.  Tell stories about people, pets, or nature that they can relate to and that show them how your product or service has helped someone else…similar to them…create a better life.

Just because it’s long, doesn’t make it good.  Your email can be relevant and only be a few words or paragraphs long. 

Life is about celebration.  Celebrate the best part about your business…your customer.  Think about what’s in it for them…every time you send an email.

If they get enough enjoyment out of it…they’re likely to convert…to become a follower of someone with fun and focus.

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