Friday Follies: Mind Meanderings on Creativity

Did you ever think you’d really get to do something really creative with your life?  Something that let you be you, made you feel happy and fulfilled, and really served a purpose . 

It would be really interesting to know what percentage of people…in the U. S. and globally…would answer honestly…”Yes, I knew by the time I was 10…or 12…or 15…that I would get to do something creative with my life…exactly what I wanted to do…and I did it?” 

And…what percentage of people can say that at some point in their life…they discovered their passion and did something creative that they really wanted to do?

I admit, I never really gave it much thought.  I grew up believing work was work.  We never talked about what “color my parachute” was, or what did I really want to be when I grew up.  

I grew up in the country…where  life  revolved around the chores to be done…animals to feed, cows to milk, eggs to gather and that endless stream of more chores.  Cold winters and hot summers. 

Then…all of a sudden, I was “all grown up” and knew I’d better figure out what I was going to study, and  how I would use it to support myself.

Sometimes when reality slaps you up along side the head, you pick the quickest, safest path.  Business management seemed to me the right direction at the time, so that’s where I went.  No regrets.  It’s been a good backstop.

Somewhere buried in the back of my mind, though, I also always knew I’d end up where I am…writing for a living and loving it.   Because I was always creating a story in my head.  I never journaled, like some of my friends, but I created a lot of stories in my head while I was doing chores.  And my stories all had titles, and subtitles, and plots.  Sure, lots of stories about love’s sweet success…and it’s trials…deceit, betrayal, rejection.  And stories about getting rich and famous…and all of the places I got to go in my imagination on my way to rich and famous.

Most of all, my stories in my head were about the richness of life, and somehow, many elements of those stories came true…more or less.  Maybe not exactly as I imagined them, but some elements of everything I ever “wrote” in my head “became” my life. 

So what’s the point of all this meandering? 

Well, curiosity I suppose.   Do we all actually end up being in the stories we create  in our heads in some way?  

Have those stories wandering around in your head for years and years…in some way…come true? 

As I worked my way up the corporate ladder and since my departure to other endevours, my most valuable tool, I truly believe,  has always been my skill as a writer.  Creating stories that build upon the richness of whatever topic is at hand, that present a particular viewpoint, that beg a certain perspective in return.  Fact-based, but admittedly and deliberately biased.  

Not that it hasn’t taken a few other skills to weave my way to success, but my writing skill has always seemed to me my most “shining attribute.”   I love it… I love the richness of life and the endless possibilities of stories begging to be told.

And I wonder…for everyone who became a carpenter, or went into the construction business, or ended up promoting health care products, or ended up in some particular profession…how many of you thought you just ended up there…not because you felt passion for what you wanted to do…but because it just happened?

I truly am curious…are we all where we are by accident or by design that we simply haven’t considered? 

 In all of life’s richness, maybe we all end up in the stories we’ve created in the past, or are creating right now…in our heads.

If you think that’s a possibility…consider life’s richness.  Wherever you are, consider your passion, look at your life now and what aspect of  your passion you’re already using. 

Did you really get where you are by accident?  Or…like me…have you discovered that where you are now is, at least in part, based on your instinctual, intuitional (new word), knowingness?   

Have you become aware that you arrived with a special gift, a skill set of some kind that, through some unseen force,  you now use every day to build your world into a better place?  I have…and I love it. 




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