Is Constant Change A Fleeting Perception? Friday Follies

Fun on Fridays!  As I’ve mentioned before, I got the idea for Friday Follies from Twitter’s Friday Follows. 

 The RT’s, or ReTweets are all about sharing.  Sharing ideas… expanding the Universe…  letting what we know, or have been illuminated by, be known by others. 

I’m diving off the deep end today on a couple of phrases that have been around for awhile, and what I know about them…or think I might know about them.  And have a little gentle Friday fun…laugh at follies, my foil-ables…

Here they are:  “The Only Constant is Change.”  and “Perception is Reality.”   I’m sure you’ve heard them both before.  But what do you know about them?

 Actually, if you think about those two catch phrases, especially together… “What is it that we know…about anything??   If the only thing constant is change… then the thing we knew a moment ago we couldn’t possibly know now, because it’s already gone.  Faster than I can key what I thought I knew,it’s changed…  constantly disappearing in the exact perspective in which I thought I knew it.  And…if perception is reality, whatever it is that I perceive as real… in this moment… is in flux, changing as we speak, so my sharing is changing faster than I can key it…constantly. 

I want to share anyway.  My thoughts, my ideas, my perceptions of what is, and isn’t, in this moment.   Life as I “know” it.  Or… as I perceive it. Even knowing that it is changing…now.

One thing I know, for example, is I like to have fun.  What I know about fun is that when I’m having it, I’m smiling, laughing, and dancing on the inside if not with my 2 feet on the outside.  And…yes… dancing is constantly changing, perception of skill, grace, or lack thereof, strictly in the eye of the beholder.  Or…that’s my perception of it anyway.

I love to be on the dance floor, moving, twirling, sometimes tangling my feet.  The feeling of being.   Outside of myself, looking in.  Not the observer, but the participant… combining mind and body in being.  Constantly changing. 

I love to dance around the house as well.  To release the child in complete freedom of movement, without constraints of what I might “look” like to someone else.  Without regard to posture or perfection of step, but entering another level of existence where I am totally free…to be… Or to exist momentarily within my perception of it.

I admit, though, if I think someone might be watching, I constrain myself.  I’ve seen people on TV, at weddings, parties, and on barroom dance floors who dance with abandon, clearly oblivious to the perceptions of others. 

Why is that?  What is it that they know that I do not?  Perhaps because I still think that ‘who I think you think I am’ is allowed too much control in my life.  A tongue-twister to be sure, but perception is reality, yes? 

So if everything is constantly changing, and only my perception in a moment that is fleeting… is real… than where are we?  There are tomes by great teachers and philosophers on the topic.  And… there is this poem by Gordon Lightfoot…

  You make time stand still,

you do it now

and you always will.

You take me as I am,

you make me feel

like a brand new person…

because you are

what I am.


Perhaps it’s not so much what we know…but the expression of what we perceive…that when it’s shared… moves into the Greater Thought of the Universe in which we all exist.  Where you are what I am.  Perhaps it’s an expression that touches another in a way that gives meaning in that moment.   Perhaps it reignites a flame that only flickers.  And, if even for a moment, an expression of fun…of joy…brings a special meaning  in someone else’s life …I’m glad I share. 

 And I’m glad I can dance. With the Universe… On the floor… or in my mind…I perceive it as graceful, fun, and most of all…joyful.

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