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Is stress overload silently but

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Max Kazen is an Executive Coach, Mentor, and Certified EFT Practitioner with a results-oriented program on how to live life fearlessly and joyfully.

If you, like many people in this economy, have tried many things without success, and are considering professional coaching, it’s important to find the right coach.  Max loves working with people and she’s  a great coach.  She has many testimonials on her coaching skills and the career assistance she has provided.

Here are a few of the reasons to consider her professional assistance, in her own words:

“I worked in the transportation industry in upper management for more than 20 years.  Coming from a ranching background, I found the structured, corporate life both challenging and stressful, although ultimately satisfying.  Drawing from my own experiences, plus the additional skill set I have acquired with other techniques including EFT, I will help you develop strategies for your work world and how you can not only to survive but thrive; how you can achieve goals in an entirely new and more satisfying way; how you can network effectively without ever compromising either your integrity or your values, and how you can set limits and stick with them in order to achieve work-life balance.

My other life stresses have included cancer, as well as divorce, re-marriage, extended families, grief, loss, and great happiness.  From all of this, I’ve learned about strength, courage, faith, hope, and most of all, persistence.”

All of “life” creates stress.  It is, however, not stress itself that sabotages us, but how we respond to it. Max will coach you using gentle techniques, most particularly Emotional Freedom Techniques, that will help you find your own Center; where you are truly comfortable being who you are in whatever setting you are in, whether business, social, or personal.  You will learn how you can respond to stress without creating an emotional overload that can affect your health and well-being.  You will learn how you can respond to any situational crisis in the way that most effectively serves you and anyone else involved.  You will learn how you can live your life fearlessly and joyfully, creating the success you desire and deserve.

Her services are offered in the true sense of adding value to your life, which in turn adds value to the lives of all those around you.   She offers one-on-one coaching, in person or via phone or Skype,as well as group coaching for professionals or businesses.

She also consults with business professionals on many aspects of organizing and running a business, including labor relations, human resources, and operations.

For your free 30-minute consultation, complete the form below, or call 509-999-8318 to set up an appointment.  The normal response time is under 48 hours.

Max Kazen has both left-brain and right-brain training, with an undergraduate business management background, SPHR and Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations Human Resources certification, (analytical, left-brain) and studies of The Sedona Method, EFT, Perk-K, Psych-K, Donna Eden, and other personal growth and development programs (emotional, right-brain). This is just a small part of the lifelong learning program that you’ll gain the advantage of to help you survive, thrive, and live fearlessly and more joyfully … in what has been described as the most challenging and opportunity-filled economic period in 5 decades.


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Now is the time. Imagine the possibilities.

Max Kazen

Executive Coach and Mentor, Certified EFT Practitioner

P. S. Max is also a writer. A professional writer.  She loves to write and has an arsenal of writing skills.   Her mentor and friend is one of today’s top professional web copywriters, Ray Edwards.   Her focus  is  on health and wellness, and taking personal responsibility for obtaining it.  If you are looking for assistance with website content, article writing, or e-book research, design, and composition  in this area, you need look no further.  Her writing skills are, however, in demand, so contact her immediately for discussion of your needs to determine her availability.

P. S. S.
Your success is not only your right, it is your responsibility.  Learn how you can live fearlessly and joyfully, with less stress.


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