Empower Your Prospects; Offer A Journey

I remember my first fishing trip.  

My dad said I was big enough for a backpack to carry in supplies, and we stayed in a tent overnight.  

I remember the mountain stream on a rainy day, the flash of the Brook Trout speckled and shiny, and that heart-struck moment when the fish took my line.

And, I remember “10 and 2,  and what do you do?” … the lessons Dad gave me before the trip.  

I hung on for dear life when the trout plunged and splashed and I knew… I had to follow and wait.  And just when I thought I’d waited too long… that little tug and bend in the pole, told me to draw Him in slow.  And not let go.  

I remember.

 You, too, have Stories. 

Maybe your Dad took you fishing, like mine did. Or maybe your experiences were totally different.  

We all, however,  have capivating examples that we can use to engage  a prospect  in conversation.  Stories that will take her on a Journey.   Stories that speak to her needs in a way that will capture her attention and reach her heart.  Words that infuse both copy and content with creativity,  and create a journey that is fun and profitable for both of you.

This is your opportunity to interact in a way that draws your prospect deeply into your conversation.    As she navigates through each page of your website,  the information is consistent and relevant, and your interactive process ensures she enjoys her journey all the way through the buying process.  

Before we started this conversation about offering your prospect  a journey, in a previous blog we talked about what visitor you wanted to attract.  You’ve chosen a niche.  I think it’s safe to assume that you chose it for a reason. You have a passion about all, or some aspect of what you’ve chosen.  

Your visitor probably came to your site because she shares your passion in some way.   What value can you add… that no one else can… that will attract the visitor you want?   The one with the money, authority and desire to buy your product?    What can you share with her that will enhance her  journey and allow her to reach a happy (sales) destination? 

All good marketers will tell you that people make buying decisions based on feelings, not on logic.  As you’re creating the wireframe, or flowchart, for your prospect’s message, what emotion do you want to evoke?  What words and phrases will she associate with the journey you are sharing with her? 

What will put her in the boat with you… into the eddies, through the rapids and down the chute?   What will put a smile on her face when the journey’s complete… the transaction is done.  And… what will cause her to come back… to journey with you once again?

If you’re enjoying taking this journey with me on my blog, and maybe learning a little along the way, will you come back again?  Leave me a comment, tell me a story you’d like to share. 

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll tell a little bit more about fishing… the fish we caught,  the (big)  ones we didn’t, the streams we fell into;  and other lessons I learned from my Dad.

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