Email Marketing Magic Formula…Keep It Simple

We all want to make it more difficult than it is…or than it needs to be. 

Email marketing is no different.  It’s not rocket science.  If there is a proven formula that works for successful email marketing…it’s “Keep it Simple.” 

Getting the right subscribers, and finding out what product or information is the right information that will help them, that’s the more difficult part.  When your mission is to find people who want and need your help…with whatever it is that you have the expertise and experience to help them with…you want to find them.

You know they’re out there.  You’ve gone to Google and searched for key words that describe the market you’re in, or want to be in, and found other sites that market to the niche group you are interested in.  You’ve looked at the various sites that offer products or services…and found them lacking. 

You found a way to appeal to that group, through networking, paid SEO, and various other options, and got people to your site.  They signed up to receive emails from you.

Now what? 

Now comes the simple part…if you don’t screw up and make it difficult.

This will help you keep it simple:

  • S – Send a thank you (name) for subscribing.  I’m going to make an immediate ‘assumption’ that you got their name through a permission-based opt-in process.   Remember to show your brand “identifiers” that let them know the email is from you.
  • I- Include a ‘bribe.’  Include a link to your landing page to retrieve an e-book, or some other digital download, or have a training video available on the email. 
  • M – Make it easy to find value in this first thank you note, and easy to get more information or make an immediate purchase.  Ease of use builds relationship.
  • P – Plant a seed.  Remember, you’re still in the new part of your relationship.  Let your recipient know you understand that it’s a new relationship and you want to show a great deal of respect.  If they’ll take just a few short minutes to answer a couple of survey questions about preferences, you’ll make sure they only get things that are of particular interest and value to them.
  • L- Love.  Everybody wants, needs, and deserves a little love.  If they’ll be getting free information in a video — smile.  If they’ll get the free information in a PDF or HTML file , keep it upbeat and  entertaining as well as informational.  Whatever decision they make about your product, buy, check back later, no thanks…let it be OK.  Let your delivery be loving.   ‘Warm and caring’ beats ‘cold and calculating’ …every day…every way.
  • E-Empathy.  Walk a mile in your prospect’s  shoes.  Whatever market you’re in, immerse yourself in it until you truly understand it.  That doesn’t mean you have to work in the field for years, but take the time to find out what’s going on.  With all the information there is available today, and all the ways to do valid research, you can gain understanding and feel their pain before suggesting ways to resolve it.

There’s nothing tricky about email marketing.  No rabbit to pull out of the hat.  No silk scarf up your sleeve.  That doesn’t mean it can’t seem magical to the person receiving it, when you’re showing them a few simple things that can add great value to their lives.

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