Email Marketing…Landing Page Tips

Creating the right email that welcomes in new subscribers is very important. 

Sometimes I think of it as being like a first date.  Someone knows a little bit about you, about what you do and who you are through your website or through an email from you that a friend forwarded to them. 

But they don’t know you very well.  So your first email directly to her is the part of the date where she gets a closer look at you.  The first impression will be through your identity in the “From”,  as well as whether she was intrigued by the subject line.  Here she’s going to decide “Yes, I feel comfortable enough to open the door and let him in” after checking your smile and attire through the peephole.

Once the decision’s been made to open the door…in this case your email message…then the next part is to keep her moving toward the landing page.  Have you, by now, said a few things, and perhaps shown her a few graphics and images that have moved her comfort level up far enough to have a conversation on the couch…your landing page?

Having the great email is the first part of your job.  The second part is having a landing page that does what it’s supposed to…getting her to shake her head “Yes” as she pictures all of the benefits you describe having a direct application to her.

What you don’t want to do…is to break the connection from the email to the landing page.  To keep the tempo building:

  • Match the tone  and look between the email and landing page. 
  • Repeat the offer in the email on the landing page.
  • Repeat the same strong promotional copy in both email and landing page.
  • Reinforce the call to action above and below the fold.
  • Double-check to ensure your email reader is going to the desired landing page and not the home page.  When readers get confused…you lose. 
  • Keep all the links on the landing page relevant to the topic the recipient expects to read about.
  • If your landing page is also your “thank you” page from subscribing, it should look as though it were developed specifically for them.  If this is where you have the download information for any subscription gift, make sure it works easily and effortlessly.
  • Keep the copy short.  No distractions.  No extra buttons, bars, or superfluous unrelated detail.
  • Remember to follow up.  Any click from an email to the landing page can be tracked.  If the recipient doesn’t take the desired action, it should generate a follow-up email.  If they’ve signed up to get your emails, you have something they believe can help or enlighten them in some way.  If they haven’t taken action yet, your follow-up email may contain exactly the message that can justify it now.

Do you want just a first date?  Or…do you want a long-term relationship?  Your landing pages may make all the difference.


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