Email Marketing Magic

What is the one thing the majority of us all share to some extent?

Don’t we all believe in magic?  Some more than others, and all of us more or less, depending on our mood, the weather, our circumstances…and most of all…our perception of the magician’s skill.

What is it that makes us believe in magic?  What is it that makes us think…even for a moment…that the magician really can pull a live rabbit out of an empty hat?

Is it that fact that we all think life doesn’t really need to be so hard?  Is it that we don’t really believe we have to suffer as much as we do?  I think so.

The vast majority of us want life to be easier.  We don’t want to work so hard with so little to show for it.  We want to experience more joy, more happiness, and more abundance.  And…we want to do it…NOW!

When you send an e-mail out to your prospects and clients, don’t you want them to experience a little bit of magic?  Isn’t that what you’re really trying to do…to inspire them?  Don’t you want them to do better…to be more prosperous…to be happier…to be more fulfilled…to feel joy? 

Now…what is it about your product or services that will allow them to do those things…to actually experience the magic of the moment that you can…and want to… help them create? 

What words can you use that can help them see your magician’s cape, the extraordinarly long kerchief you have in your hand that looks like a small hanky; the black hat that so obviously is a simple top hat but is not? 

What words can you use to inspire?  And…isn’t that your real job…to inspire?  Isn’t that what all magicians do?  Don’t they inspire us to believe in magic?  Don’t they inspire us to believe that even the impossible is possible?  Or…that what seems impossible…actually can be done…without difficulty?

What, actually, is the very best part about a great magic act?  What is it the distinguishes the ametuer from the professional? 

Isn’t it the fact that the professional magician truly “makes” you believe it’s real?  Your perception of what happened on stage is, at least for the moment, your reality.  It becomes real…to you.

Your e-mail marketing must also have some real, professional magic.  It must inspire and create a certain reality if the reader chooses to take action.

So, in case you’re wondering how you can make yourself into the professional magician, it’s not that difficult.

 Here’s a simple 5-step process to help you get started:

1.  Set the stage.  Tell your intended audience what you’re going to do.

2.  Tell them how difficult it is….how others…like you and your audience have attempted and failed…over and over.

3.  Describe for them the benefits of success…like the magician, describe how the participant may experience something pheonomenal…like putting a penny behind their ear and having it re-emerge as a quarter…over and over again.

4.  Tell them what they have to do.  Just as the magician says to the audience “Should I bring her back?” after making the assistant disappear, your audience needs to know what they need to do next for the magic to work.

5.  They must believe this is real magic.  They must believe it’s real magic because it is.  Your product must be and do exactly what you promise.  

Once inspired to move forward, your prospects and clients must experience the magic you’ve promised, and when they have, they’ll be willing to come back again and again…to see what other tricks you’re willing to share that will elevate them to magician status in their world.

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